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Oat Milk

So, my latest discovery and new favorite thing is oat milk.  It's SOO good!

Okay, every morning I have a bowl of cereal, and a glass of OJ.  I always cut up a banana in the cereal.  Now, usually I do just plain organic whole milk.

Well recently I decided to just start trying all the various non-dairy milks they have.  I tried coconut milk, almond milk, soy, rice, I mean you name it and I've tried it...

Then I tried oat.  That was a relative newcomer to the game.  Well, oat and cashew seem newer in the milk game.  I haven't tried the cashew one...

Anyways, so oat?  Yes.  I like it!  It's super delicious.  One of the things I like about oat milk over the others?  There's no added sugar.  So, it doesn't have any cane sugar.

Here's the thing... It doesn't matter if it's high fructose, beet sugar, or cane sugar.

Sugar is sugar.  Doesn't matter the source.

If you REALLY want to know more about it, read Michael Pollan's book, In Defense of Food.

Anyways... I like the oat milk!  Also, it's oat!  So you get soluble and insoluble fiber as well, if you don't normally have a lot of that in your diet.

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