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Snowstorm Stella that is.  It's still snowing as I type this.  I have to get out and shovel in a few.  So far today I've just kind of lounged around the house.  I slept until noon.  I worked on some actual office work things remotely and such.  I checked my stocks, made one buy yesterday and one last week, 9 dollar divvy check from my J and J shares that I've had for like 3 years now, so I get a deposit in my trading account from them every 3 months... But other than that after I make lunch and then go shovel, I'm going to work on musics.  More editing of this cover art and this one song.

I guess it's been a LONG time since I've posted a new song, so, I'm working on it more than usual I suppose.

I've been working on other songs too.  I don't know, I've also just been busy I guess.

Well, I'm just enjoying the snow day and an excuse to keep things low key.  It's fun to watch the flakes fly and sit warm and cozy inside with some hot coffee.  Last night I had pizza and sipped on chamomile tea and ate pizza and Chocolate Cherry Garcia ice cream.

At the moment I have a cat purring on my lap.  I'll have to disturb her in a moment to go shovel.  I like shoveling, it's a good workout, plus I listen to a podcast of some sort and get my learn on.  Or I indulge in an iTunes U class.

To be honest though, I thought we were going to get more snow, so I'm kind of a little let down by the storm.  But, there's definitely a fair amount of snow out there!  So, I'll take it.  Basically, we got almost no snow this year.  I mean, there were a couple of small time storms but this was the only one that could have been a real doozy and it turned out to be a lot of mixing and icing and sleeting and what have you... I'm more into just having it be straight-up snow, none of this mixing stuffs.

On the bright side I still have power!  For now.  Who knows.  I just checked the power company outage map and it doesn't look like there's a TON of people without power and the estimated restore times seem to be only a couple hours, so I guess if I do lose power, it would only be for a few hours.

Well I'm off to enjoy the rest of my snow day and consume some of these snacks that I stocked up on!  I really did buy SOOOO much more food than was actually necessary for one day of snow.  It's okay, it just means I have work snacks for the next couple weeks.  And lots of other delightful treats to eat for dinners and lunches.

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