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Misty Update

So, the vet called early this morning... Misty wasn't doing well.  She was really suffering.  So I made the call with the guidance of the vet to have to put to sleep.  He said that it was for the best and that it just wasn't a good situation to keep her going.  She was really not doing well at all.

There are still the other three cats.

I guess it just hits pretty hard... If it were just the cat this time last year, I wouldn't be as sad... But... It's just everything.

It's kind of like well what's next?

I mean let's see... This time last year... The girl that has made my heart feel the way that no other girl I've ever met on the planet feel... Met a guy.  So that sucked.  I guess it only sucks for me.  For her and him it's great.

Then my mom passed away in November.

And now my mom's favorite feline is gone.

I don't know.  So the last 365 day stretch in my life has just been awful.  I guess there are people out there in the world that are like... This last 365 day stretch has been the best of my life.

Good for them I guess.  But for me it has been the worst ever.

And then even though that girl met that guy... and I kind of stopped reading her social media because it just made me feel physically sick inside... I still read my blog analytics here on this blog.

Her hits are becoming less and less frequent.

So now I'm just like... Well what's the point of even posting blogs.  Every blog post I've posted on here since 2010 was for her eyes.  I mean lets face it... I could care less about anyone else that reads this.

There's some recurring hits registering from Washington D.C. ... Allied Telcom Group, LLC is what it shows up as for the host... When I check the IP it comes back to or something... Which is registered to a domain hosting company in Fort Lauderdale...

The D.C. reader is new.

Whoever you are... I guess thanks for reading.  I mean... Maybe you'll pick up where the other reader seems to be leaving off...

You'll pick up where she left off... so many years... so many blogs... 6 years of her moving and me tracking her moves while I blogged.

Malvern, Pa

The first hits when she first started reading and I would only blog maybe once a month if that... because no one read it.

Then she changed over her internet provider at her apartment so it changed to hits from...

Paoli, Pa

Then she moved in with her college friend... and her college friend's then fiancé (and then her friend got married... And then I saw her friend like, last year on OKCupid... So... I'm not sure what happened there)... Anyways then the hits showed up as Norristown, Pa...

Then she moved to her own apartment in...

Phoenixville, Pa...

Then she moved to Florida.  SO they started showing up from

Davie, Fl..

Then she moved again...

Margate, Fl

And then I THINK she moved again?  She moves around a lot.  Makes it difficult to analyze the analytics.  Of course there was the time she used to try and hide that she was reading my blog... But I figured that one out eventually as well.

The latest hits for the last year have come from

Plantation, Fl...

Although I always saw hits from Plantation because of her workplace.  But the newer Plantation hits didn't show her workplace as the host... Instead they showed her phone.

I don't know why she stopped using her computer to read my blog and only used her iPhone more recently...

Maybe she moved in with her boyfriend.  I suppose that's possible.

And then for a while when the plantation hits stopped a couple weeks ago... I saw a bunch of hits from Phoenix... also from an iPhone... then more Planation hits...

I think she was either on vacation or some kind of work conference in Phoenix... because the plantation hits stopped exactly when the Phoenix hits started and then the Plantation hits started again when the Phoenix hits stopped.

Although the last Plantation, Fl hit was over a week ago... Last Monday... So guess she's losing interest... Or just really busy.  Or who knows what is going on with her...

These are all mysteries that would be solved if we actually still talked to one another.  But she made the decision to stop talking to me.  Oh well.  She made the decision to break up with me in the first place.  It's always been completely her decision.  Because my decision was... I wanted her 100 percent without a doubt no matter what.  But... it takes two to tango.  I guess he's got whatever it is I never had.  Which makes me even more sad.  Oh well... That's life.

Anyways I'd be curious to know who you are...

Washington D.C. Allied Telcom Group, LLC

It's a mystery.  Mystery reader.  I can't say I know anyone that works at Allie Telcom Group... So it's kind of weird to have someone that doesn't personally know me from real life be interested in what I'm blogging about.  But hi anyways!

Well... anyways... I didn't get to say goodbye to Misty for me and on behalf of my mom.  Makes me sad... But... just like the girl on the other end of my blog... I knew she was there all along... I knew Misty was on the other end of the phone with the vet... But I couldn't see her or talk to her...

And now it's over...

It all just makes me super sad.

I try to think maybe 6 months from now there will be lots of awesome new things in my life but... It's hard to stay optimistic when I've had the year I've had.  It's just been pretty blah...

But hey... You never know... what will happen.  I guess I just have to wait and see if the next 6 months or 12 months will go better than the last 12 months have.

After all before I had Misty, and before I had my longtime blog reader.... I didn't even know they existed.  So things that will be in my life 1 year from now... Could be things I don't even know exist in the world at all.  Just have to wait and see what comes next.


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