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Just stopped by to chat

At my job... most people come to us when  things go CRAZY.  Like Prince "Lets Go Crazy" type of crazy.

Usually too they are frantic and in a panic because they need help.

Then we try to sort things out and fix it up and figure out what went wrong and just get it all back to the upright normal position.

Sometimes I'll be helping and the person will actually figure it out on their own midway through.  That's kinda cool.  I love when I can teach someone something new and then they can use that going forward.  Sharing knowledge is always just neat.  Or.. what's that phrase?  Sharing is caring.  I'm pretty sure that applies to dessert or giant chocolate chip soft bake cookies.  But it could apply to knowledge!

Yep, and when the issue is all fixed then they are on their merry way and we're on our merry way to the next catastrophe.  Sometimes they are small, sometimes large... sometimes they aren't actually catastrophes... just questions or small problems.

It's cool though, I enjoy fixing and helping and just being there.  I mean, I'm trying to make the music thing happen.  But I also enjoy what I do now as well... so that's a plus.

It's weird because I get asked a lot "How did you get into this?"  And I always think about that and try to answer as best I can... but often they are more confused after I answer.

It just kind of happened!  I mean, it started even from the first time can remember touching a PC in 1st grade in the computer lab when I was a weeeee youngin.  Everyone else in the class was CONFUSED like whoa... and so then I was like oh... it's not that hard all you have to do is click here and here and there and there and there ya go.

And then they are like whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa how did you do that?  And I'm just like... umm... I guess I just do it... I don't really know?  It just comes naturally.

Then throughout my schooling and friends and family whenever someone had a problem they would start asking me because I was pretty good at helping... and well... eventually it turned into what I'm doing now.

I can't help but think that I'm a helper at heart... like I always want to try and help.  I like to volunteer... or I like to try and help fix things for friends or family or just people I see when I see something and know the answer and know how to fix it...  But sometimes it's definitely tooooooo much.  So I learned that if people want or need help they'll come and ask!  Maybe just one offer is ok... but it's not good to offer and offer and offer and try SUPER hard... at least I'm pretty sure now that can actually be no good.  I think that I've learned, it's better to just kinda be chill and hang out and just be there.  And let people come to you if they want to.  Ya know?  Just be open and friendly and inviting and accommodating...  I'm trying to work on being more like that.

I think of it as, there was this one chinese resturant we used to go to ALLLLL the time when I was growing up... and the dude was like a ninja at filling up your water glass.  He would hover and wait and as soon as you took a sip and put it down he'd fill it back up.  Some times it was like WHOA where the heck did he come from I didn't even see him fill it!  I'm pretty sure he'd drop down from the ceiling and fill it sometimes.  He was always RIGHT there to fill at every second as soon as you drank from the cup!  Seriously... I mean... he was on the ball with his job water filler upper job.  That's for sure!  But maybe instead of ninja'ing in with water... just kinda be there on the sidelines and wait for a signal?  I guess?  I'm just kinda pondering here.

But, OK yea def at my job people know we're there and they come to us... and then we help and everything is all gravy (Well, most of the time.  Sometimes we can't fix things 100 percent, but we actually do fix things most of the time!).

But also.. every now and then... sometimes people are just there to chat.  Which is also cool.  I enjoy that.  Sometimes I feel like maaaaaaaaan all these people just always come to us when they want something!  But today we had a couple of people who just wanted to chat. and...

It was kinda like... I don't know... I just enjoy it.

But lately I've been thinking to myself... that's kinda how I should apply that to my life.  Just sorta be here and be casual and chill and if anyone needs anything they'll call and ask... but if they just want to chat they will just do that too! Because I ALWAYS super over analyze things sometimes and then I THINK things mean some things or other things when they might mean something else... ya know?  And I think that sometimes that can get me in trouble... like I think it's almost like assuming things on my part.

I don't know... I think it's possible to care too much.  So I def just want to say ya know hey here I am... but not be all like hey hey hey to someone I might care about... no matter HOW bad I want to.  And sometimes... like I miss people and care sooo much and I want to message and offer to do stuff... but I know it's better to just be here and be chill and be inviting and open and does that make sense?


So... I don't know... yea... I'm just here chill... just hanging out.  I'm always willing to lend out a helping hand or try to be there for anyone who needs it.  But I'm also just here to chat a few words if they only need that instead.  And then if they need to get back to what they were doing... then I can always let them do that and just be here again for when they need me.

Or, I think the thing to say would be... anything goes... and I'm just kinda here... kinda like I am when I'm at my desk at work.  Just here and if people need help they know where I'm at!

OK, I TOTALLY just said the same exact thing like 20 times in a row just in a bunch of different ways.

yep.  I don't know, I've just been wanting to say that for a while.

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