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Foods that I like that also do more than just taste good!

I've been posting some serious blogs lately.  So here's a lighthearted one about foods that I like that also do more than just taste swell.

They do neat things for your health and such.  Or, supposedly they do.  I don't know if I feel any different after eating foods that are not healthy as opposed to foods that are.

Like I just ate a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream and I feel kinda fantastic.  I'm pretty sure that's probably not super healthy.  But it's good for the soul.  Soooooo that's all I care about at this very moment.  Just like all those hershey's kisses we have at work that I've been eating out of the giant tin of them that we were given make me feel just fine and dandy.

Ok, so... I've always found it interested the effects that certain foods are supposed to have on you.  Like Chamomile tea is supposed to make you all relaxed.  I enjoy chamomile tea.  Especially when it's mixed with something citrusy... always good.  Oranges and mangos and pears and such.  Yummmmmmm.

Then of course there's red wine... and olive oil.  Supposed to be heart healthy or something.

Blueberries are supposed to help with heart stuff too!  And they have fiber and such in them.  As well they are super high in antioxidants.  I'm blue daba de daba da... isn't that the song?

I enjoy them in my cereal every morning.  But I've been eating blueberries since before I knew that.  I don't know... I just think they are so darn tasty in cereal!

Let's see what else do I like that's got more going on.  Hmmm well green tea.  That's good and it's good for ya.  There's like a billion things that green tea does.

Then there's Banana's... I have one of those every day.  And almonds... I eat some of these as a snack every day... AND... avocado's.  I don't eat those every day but I DO love guacamole.  Chips are gauc always rock.

What do those foods do?  Well.... apppppparently they increase your sex drive.  Soooooo I mean... in theory.  I should be bow chicka bow wow when it comes to that department.  Driving sexy should be my thing after a little snackaroo of banana's almonds, and avocado's.  I guess I will keep that in mind the next time I'm going down that road... or something.


Let's seeeeeeeeeee well... the last one I know about that rocks your socks for helping out your body to do cool things is anything with heat.

Yep... feel the burn.

Hot peppers have all kinds of helpful benefits.

I LOVE spicy foods.  Hot hot hot.  I usually will sprinkle a little cayenne pepper on things.  Tonight I made a little burrito/taco thing... and I put some spice in it.  It was good.

So what does the hot stuff do?

Well... here's the official source on really important knowledge of things that we should be up on and know about...

Oprah's website.

That's a list of the health benefits of Capsaicin which is the chemical in hot peppers that causes the "I'm on fire" feeling.

One of the cool things I didn't know it helps with is headaches... That's kinda neat!


"Headache help: Substance P is the key transmitter of pain to the brain. In fact, Substance P is the body's main mechanism for producing swelling and pain throughout the trigeminal nerve, which runs through the head, temple and sinus cavity. When the nerve fibers come in contact with Substance P, they react by swelling—an effect that yields headaches and sinus symptoms. Clinical studies have shown that capsaicin, a compound in hot peppers, is extremely effective for relieving and preventing cluster headaches, migraine headaches and sinus headaches."


Apparently Substance P is the key.  You just talk to Master P and P Diddy about that.  They'll school you on all things related to P.

So as you can see it really kicks some butt in the good for you department!  As long as you can get past the fire feeling.

It's taken me some training... but I can handle some pretty hot dishes now!

There's probably lots of other things that are good for you that I eat... but those are just a couple.

Well... it's time for me to get some sleep.  I have work in the AM.

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