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New video of old song: “In Deep”

Just a quick post.  If you head over to the video section (also on the page aka the EPK) I put up a live video of me from last week playing at the Gryphon cafe open mic.  The song is "In Deep".  Playing this open mic is a super funtastic (that's fun and fantastic together) time!  I try to go every Monday... Ok so maybe I just started going for the first time like 3 weeks ago.  I missed this past Monday because i was in vegas (SUPER LONG blog post in the works for Vegas/ LA / Birthday... should be posted tomorrow).

I really want to try and go every Monday to this open mic.  I enjoy the Gryphon Cafe a lot and the open mic I believe is one of the best around because most of the people who play all know each other.  It's like a nice little community feel.  I just love that.  It reminds me of the open mic back at the Common Place at IUP where I went to college.  Everyone is really supportive of each performer and I really enjoy that atmosphere.  It also reminds me of the open mic at camp as well.  Accepting of anyone, just get up there and do your stuff no matter what... it's all gravy baby.  This open mic is... instead of a competition, much more of a group gathering.  So I just enjoy it very much and have a lot of fun playing it!


If you are considering not watching the video because clicking on the video page is sooooooo far away with those extra 2 clicks to go over to the video page here's the video for your viewing pleasure! I mean who knows, maybe those extra two clicks would have given you carpal tunnel syndrome, but I just saved you from getting it by including the link right here!  No it's ok, no need to thank me... Just enjoy the love.  Errr... Ok so maybe you wouldn't have gotten CTS from 2 extra clicks... but umm... what i'm trying to say is... please watch my video?  🙂  Maaaaaaybe?  Yes? You rock!  Thank you!  Love you lots!

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