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My Theory On Sleeping In


I love sleeping in.  Sleeping in just makes me happy.



Almost as happy as that song makes me.  I don't think that's the official video for the song.  But I do like that video as well.

So here's my theory on me and my sleeping in.

1. I was born in California.  When I sleep in, I generally will naturally sleep till about 12 noon without the influence of an alarm clock.  In Cali time this is 9am.  Which would probably not be considered sleeping in.  Here's what I think: My body is still naturally stuck on west coast time zone and that I naturally like to wake up at 9am.

Maybe there's a lesson in there... try not to deny your past or roots but try to figure out a way to mesh them into your future?  Much like there's probably some sort of great symbolism going on in that video with the red string in the woods?  I'm not the best at interpreting symbols.  And it's a Saturday.  So i'm going to go easy on the whole deep thoughts thing in this blog post today.

2. Here's my other thought.  When I sleep in, I generally sleep 10 hours.  Actually 10 hours seems to be my natural sleep cycle time.  So last night I went to bed at 2am.  My plan was to go to sleep early, but I always fail at that.  But maybe I just need 10 hours sleep.  However since I'm so bad at actually going to sleep early yet I need 10 hours of sleep a night sleeping in is the best option for me.  And for when I don't have ample sleepy sleeps time... There's a magical thing that exists called caffeine.  It comes in many different forms and it's very amazing.  So I am very thankful for it's existence!

I'm just glad I get to sleep in one day a week at least.  Some weeks it's two days a week.  I suppose I have something to look forward to in retirement?  I plan to sleep in every day.  Although, everyone I know that's over the age of 65 gets up at 4 am and goes to sleep at midnight.  Maybe their plan was to sleep in everyday when they were my age once they reached that age?  Although maybe i'm one of few people who just seems to require sleeping later or more sleep.  Not sure.

So tomorrow I'm going for my second church visit.  Now the good thing about this place is that it's at 5pm.  THAT means, wooo hooo... I can still sleep in!  They have earlier services and i've been fighting with my thoughts as to should I attend an earlier service.  The problem with the 5pm service is that there aren't many people there.  I stick out like a sore thumb.  OBVIOUSLY i'm one of the few people there that doesn't come regularly and everyone can tell.  this isn't that bad.  But I just think maybe if I went to an earlier more densely populated service I'd feel a little more comfortable and i'd be able to focus more on things?

Like with every decision there's always the pro's and con's to weigh.  As long as the pro's win out over the cons, then I think it's an OK choice to go with that option.  You'll never get 100 percent pro's on anything in life.  At least that's my findings.  I just try to go with what best fits and feels comfortable.  Ya know?

So... last week I was given "homework" and I failed to complete that.  haha, maybe that's part of why I want to hide in a bigger crowd:

1: Memorize 2 Corinthians 6:14... I don't even know what that is?!?!  A little help?  Memorize?!?!  Can't I just read it off my iphone?  I have a problem even memorizing my own songs for live shows... that's why I play live with a laptop with the lyrics on it.  Let alone memorize an entire Corinthian... let alone TWO of them!!!!  At 6:14 AM?  Or PM?  I'm confused.  What is a Corithian?

2. Attend next three Sundays of the "Mayhem" Series... Ok I got that one at least!  Or, that's my plan.  Last weeks lecture/class/sermon... whatever it's called was actually pretty good.  It was on relationship road hazards.

and number 3...

3. Invite someone to attend church with me next week.  Yea, I tried this... no takers.  Anyone who reads this blog want to go with me tomorrow?!?!?!  Hello?  No?  sigh.  It's ok, i'm supposed to be doing this alone anyways.  That's the plan.  But if anyone's interested i'll buy you a favorite dish at your favorite resturant or cup of coffee or something.  Anywho, just let me know yo what the dealio is fo ta-marrrow (that's the philly accent).


So 1 out of 3... that's what 33 percent?  Crap.  I failed.  33 percent is def not passing.  I need a tutoring.

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