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Welcome Show

Today was arrival day for the campers.  It has been one hectic day!  It's a long day.  It's a tiring day.  The campers all arrived safe and sound and were treated to a welcome show after dinner to introduce all of the things around camp and the staff band played a couple of tunes as well.

Before dinner they had a quick camp tour.

I had yet to grab ice cream down at the local ice cream stand since I've been here.  So, I decided to head out and get some ice cream after dinner.  Ice cream around here at camp is... Well it's like this... Once one person found out I was going to get ice cream...

It turned into a thing.  So I found myself walking back from my car with a whole armful/big huge bag filled with containers/dishes full of various flavors of scooped ice cream.

Now that the arrival day and welcome show are finished camp will settle into its normal routine.  Classes and actives and evening programs.

I'm only here until the 5th of July.  Then I head back to the real world.

I just bought my ticket for the play that my neighbor is in/wrote.  I'm excited to see that.  It's on the 26th of July.

I'm starting to tell people here at camp that they are welcome to come stay at my house after camp or at any time in their travels.  All my camp friends are welcome to crash at my place.

What's the phrase?  Mi casa es su casa?  Something like that.

Anyways.  I'm sleepy, so I'm gonna go hit the hay.  I'm still super full from the ice cream from the ice cream place.  Ice cream always hit the spot.  I feel like the ice cream has made me extra sleepy.  Maybe that's not possible... But hey, you never know.  I feel as though with ice cream... All things are possible.



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