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Random things that pop into my head (Some may not even make sense)

I decided to make a page where I can post all of my ideas that I think of for people to use and hopefully make the world a better place.  I often think of a lot of neat things but then never have any avenue, revenue or motivation to put them into production.  These are just random ideas that I've thought of while driving in my car, or showering, or reading in the park  New idea wheneverly, or at least as close to wheneverly as possible.


18 Pay Per Channel March 2011 PDF
17 Digital Scents February 2011 PDF
16 Real World Search January 2011 PDF
15 Count Down Stoplight May 2009 PDF
14 Email Shopping Receipts January 2009 PDF
13 All-In-One Laundry Bag Wash System November 2008 PDF
12 College Musical 3 October 2008 PDF
11 Sustainable Product Packaging September 2008 PDF
10 Letmeborrowthattop.com August 2008 PDF
9 Live Show Song Requests July 2008 PDF
8 The "One Address" Company June 2008 PDF
7 Mapoutmyshopping.com May 2008 PDF
6 Desktop PC Air Filter April 2008 PDF
5 Homeless Person Detector March 2008 PDF
4 Lie Detector Phone App February 2008 PDF
3 GPS Unit With "Avoid Ghetto" Option January 2008 PDF
2 Lego-Like Furniture December 2007 PDF
1 Jesus Cookies November 2007 PDF


Updated March 12, 2011

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