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Photographic Capturesks

These are some random photos that I take randomly (because that's what you do with random photos... You take them randomly).  Note: If you click on them, you get to see full size(big) versions! In order somehow.

45 All That Shimmers
44 Gnome Chompsky
43 Reflecting On The Past
42 3:46 Somewhere
41 This Way That Way
40 You Sound Like You Are In A Well
39 Love You Take
38 Ice Cream For Old Times Sake
37 Empty
36 Sail Away Sail Away Sail Away
35 Lit Porch
34 This Summer Beach
33 The King's Way
32 Red... on the rocks.
31 A little bit of light rock. A little bit of Light Rock
30 With your feet in the air and your head on the ground... try this trick and spin it... yeah.
29 Don'cha leaf me babe...
28 Re-Fuse... Ref-Use
27 Scary Tree!
26 .Loch ness???  No, just a lake
24 Apples and oranges and pears, oh my!
23 The bus that is the chuch is slowly decaying
22 Chairs... chairs... chairs.
21 Fall out
20 Here a chuck There a chuck... Everywhere a chuck chuck.
19 Bench
18 Chess
17 Rock is blurry, but not dead.
16 Moonsand
15 Pot sale
14 Blue Tree
13 hello?
12 Haha, it's funny cuz it says goats... Not coats!  hahahahaha. I am waaay too easily amused.
11 The secret back wall in the common place.  It has since been painted over :(
10 A night at a lake? Or a lake at night?
8 Casa de Light
7 or a burning desire
6 I think.... not sure... BUT.. I think! the trail is <= that way.  I could be wrong.
5 Ocean
4 libros
3 Tile
2 Sponge and J
1 Ring ring


Updated July 19, 2011

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