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Kenny's Guitar

The one and only Mr. Kenny West's guitar and updates on its collection of signatures!

So kenny's guitar is collecting signatures and this is the "official" status update page for how many he's got and who's signed it so far.  

Q: What's the big deal and who's allowed to sign it?

A: Well I suppose it's not really all that big of a deal to anyone but me.  But that's ok, I can live with that.  The deal is that my guitar is collecting signatures. I am having pretty much anyone who is a songwriter sign it.  So if you write songs and want your John Hancock on this thing, just let me know!  Any and all songwriter's can sign it... you don't have to be super crazy famous to join the collection.

The current list:

  1. Lauren O'Connel
  2. Julia Nunes
  3. Lee Bookfor
  4. Jesse Ruben
  5. Pete Francis
  6. Kyle Patrick
  7. Amber Eisenstein
  8. Peter Moses
  9. Corey Manske (of 7K)
  10. Jeff Garvin (of 7K)
  11. David Neil Black (of 7K)
  12. Lucas Carpenter
  13. JoAnna Lynne
  14. Jack Stafford
  15. Brian Aglira
  16. Huey and the BANJO!
  17. Elyssa Goldstein

Updated January 12, 2011

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