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 A list of my favorite things

These are links to sites that I think represent quality organizations, bands, individuals, or business's.  They are in no particular order.

  • The Story of Stuff Project - A series of videos about building a more sustainable world.  Yeah sustainability!
  • Vida Carson - Another awesome photographer that took some other photos for me.
  • Dr. Robert - Doctor of Dreams
  • Way Basics - Recycled furniture.
  • Big Think - Kinda like Fora.tv except for people with ADD.
  • Fora.tv - Better than watching TV.  Speaches and things of the intellectual thought provoking type.
  • Academic Earth - Thousands of video lectures from the worlds top scholars (because I think that these people are the true heros... not sports players and pop stars).
  • Wish Upon A Hero Foundation - People helping people.
  • Barack Obama - The president, NEW AND IMPROVED!
  • IT Idiots - Video's about IT related stuff.  I work in IT, so I watch them.  If you work in IT you should watch these as well.
  • Camelbak Sustainable Hydration - A site sponsered by Camelbak on using reuseable waterbottles vs. disposible.  I have a Camelbak water bottle and really enjoy it, I think everyone should go out and buy one.
  • Green Living Ideas - Because we all could live a little bit less wasteful.
  • Notes In Spanish - Spanish podcasts from Ben and Marina these guys are the greatest.  I recommend downloading these podcasts for anyone who is currently trying to learn spanish.
  • Maine Teen Camp - A camp that I was both a camper and a counselor at.  One of my favorite place in the world.
  • R5 Productions - Good cheap shows around philly.
  • MoveOn - Democracy in action.
  • Kara Loomis Photography - One of the photographers that took some awesome photo shots on my website!


Updated June 16, 2011

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