what the hells going on today
it's all backwards, listen up to what I say
any nerd with a computer can make beats
even white kids living on suburbian streets

drive around in their soccermom's minivan
cry so much make ya wanna start an emo band
wearing, big rimmed glasses,
tight shirts and pants, little asses

nobody passes, your not cool
you can't enforce the rules you fucking tool
where's the purpose, you better learn this
the real world exists within your fortress

capitalism endorses a rhythem
making it seem like everybody wants secularism
now toss em a beer, show a premiere, it's just tv
lets give em something to fear

im gonna take your ears hostage
send a message inside your sub-consious
everybodys looking for a war
disease we'll breed the hate, with no cure

but what for, death and destruction
it's fun loving, like street thuggin,
what if mom and dad beatin up on your cousin, even though

he's family, take his,
money let him bleed call it a tragidy
you won't even see, anything, believe me
we can cover it up, call it drug wars and smuggle it up

from afghanistan, sell it to a homeless man, trying to make living if he can
but his hope is lost, he doubts the cross, so he sits out on the corner with a quarter they tossed

fuck the law
we're like anarchist
breaking down your door
fuck the law
we're like a terrorist
trying to shake the floor

so many people with their arrogance
they reverse the blame and claim ignorance
kids say they get it from their parents
but they act like a bunch of deralicts

im here to break the authority, cuz you can't quarintine the minority, when they try take the sororities and infiltrate em with their impurities

anyone can be caught, but when their hot
they get a little more fame, it's all the same, it's part of the game, all you need is a company name

it's like we're living in a hipocracy, no one's stopping me but i gaurantee they'll be watching me
till I make a mistake, or procreate, lay low and let it all abate


give it up, for the grind inn crew
coming at ya since 2002
from the, streets of south philly
get some weed and smoke yourself silly

with k-dog, lay the beats down thick and roll on
it's a big boom, like a cherry bomb
this shit's blowing up, so hold on

we're grind inn, keep it real, the money flying
you better deal
do this shit without trying, leave people dying,
you don't know how it feels, got a nice set of wheels,
with chrome plates and interior details, females, without fail, the grind inn crew will previal