Walk The Plank

Yoo ooh ho ho hoooooo
Yoo ooooh ho ho hooooo

I don’t wanna be a pirate anymore so…
I think I’ll go work, on a farm
Well, It’s not that the sea isn’t the place for me
No, I just can’t stand another argh
Yo ho ho I used to love that part

So I’m trading in my boat
For a cow, a goat and a bag of sunflower seeds
And I Ebayed my sword to some guy in Florida
And bought a plough to dig up the weeds
Ohh, ohh, ohh I’m finally giving up the sea

No more making people walk the plank
The only pirate ship is in my fish tank
It’s right next to, the diver dude
His name is Lou, Lucky Lou

Well, everything was dandy oh all was fine
We planted ourselves some orange trees
Now me and my matey’s and even our ladies
Don’t have to worry about scurvy
No lack of vitamin C
Not for me

Well out of the sky flew a parrot my, my
With a note from our enemies (well what’s it say?!)
It said: this here is Davey and I’m interested in maybe
Buying some oranges from your trees
So I said sold! We’re in business Davey

No more making people walk the plank
You keep your pirate ship and I’ll keep my fish tank
With my little bubbly diver dude
His name is Lou, Lucky Lou

Drought came on, nothing grew
We held on, yea, we made it through
Storm clouds finally made it rain
But all was washed right down the drain

My farm was ruined, all was a wreck
But then I got my insurance check (alright!)
So off I went to live again life as a pirate

Yo Ho Har
Hardy Har ho argh!
Climb aboard with me
We’ll sail past dawn with our pirate hats on
Sword fights on the seven seas
Ohh, ohh, ohh Pirates till the ends matey

Last one to the pirate ship is a rotten egg!
Out of the way!
I call the front seat!
NO WAY IT’S MINE!!!  I’ll duel ya for it!
Calm down mateys.  The parrot already called frontsies.
Ohhhh the parrot…
Why does the parrot always get the front seat?
It’s always about the parrot, never the pirate.