Verse 1
This is,
Everything that you hoped for
All your dreams coming true
Finally finding the right one
Finally saying “I do”

Verse 2
So here’s to,
Picture books of photographs
Tears of joy in autumn leaves
Filled up with smiles and candid laughs
Love in real life, not just make believe

First chorus
Hey! Hey!
It’s your day

Verse 3
So everyone grab a glass
We’ll toast to the here and now and after that
Dance around the hall with joy
In little circles of girls and boys
Hey hey

Chorus 2 and 3
It’s your day
Yea, it’s one that you’ve been waiting for
It’s your day
oh, it’s a million dollar memory
Hey yea, it’s your day

Throw the flowers to the crowd
Turn around, and take a bow
Close your eyes, and count back from 10
Then breathe it in, Remember  this,
Exactly, the way it is

Verse  4
Go ahead and pinch yourself
You’re not dreaming
It’s no one else
Covered up in rose pedals
Just you and I
My lovely bride
Sway with me cuz…


Last chorus backing tracks
Something old
Something new
Something borrowed
Something blue