Welcome to my life she said with a smile
As I put my arms around her  I said you drive me wild

This is not the way that I had things planned
But I think I’m gonna go with it as best as I can and

Its funny how things always seem to come about
Only once you’ve stop trying to figure them out

Pre Chorus

Every time I turned around
I thought my luck had just run out
But, oh no here we go


One thing leads to another
And then we discover
That it’s all coming back around

One thing leads to another
 And here we discover
That it’s all about the run around

Verse 2
 Give me more yo quiero more of your love
I’m sorry baby maybe I just can’t get enough
If your song is on the radio, we can all sing along
cuz if we make up your own words we never get the lyrics wrong

Singing bye bye Miss American pie
Drove my Chevy to the levee, but this time it wasn’t dry

Rolling up and down
A million roads
First lost then finally found
So oh yea here it goes

Chorus X2