Take a moment to heal
Take a moment alone
Tell them all how you feel
Then walk away on your own

Don’t look back when it’s over
And don’t look back with regret
All I know right now is we’re older,
It’s the
Only thing I’m sure that we’ll get

So Let it out, (Let it out), let it out
It’s alright
All the pain, (All the pain)
That you’re feeling inside

Let it go, (Let it go), let it go
All the fight
Lay it down, (Lay it down)
Let it fall to your side

(Verse 3)
Lay your cards on the table
Like a lovers revenge
Show them all that you’re able
That you’re in this till the end

Believe me, it’s gotta be all or nothing
With all this coming down
I figured out it ought to be really something
When all has hit the ground

In my sight
Got you right
Where I want

(Verse 4)
Spend a day from the real
Let the world disappear
Think of all those you care for
You’re mind will finally clear