Harry – We’re here at the top of the 9th inning with the Stanford old timers vs. the little rock chickens

Richie – This post game is brought to you by pagoda, I hate what you do for me, pagoda

Harry – Your listening to phillies baseball even though they’re not playing, on channel…. Channel… oh who cares what channel it’s on

Richie – Listen to that crowd as the old timers take the field…

Together – Booo you stink your old throw em out

Harry – Well there you have it, the old timers are old and unpopular

Richie – There’s the first pitch, just a bit outside, wow that one almost hit the left fielder, eh it’s a good thing he caught it in his teeth, he’s gonna need a dentist on that one

Harry – Here’s the 1-0 pitch, hard fowl ball high... ahhhhhhhh

Richie – Harry… Harry… that must have hurt

Harry – How’d ya guess

Richie – Hey, somebody wanna get me an ambulance… Oh forget it… here’s the pitch, strike two.

Harry – Wait a minute he’s stealing first

Richie – What the heck?  Where’d the umpire go?

Harry – Oh he went to the bathroom.

Richie – Joe Schmo coming in for Jack Schmack. Here’s the pitch, o it’s in the dirt.

Harry – The dirt around the catcher?

Richie – No the mound

Harry – You know he’s 164 years old

Richie – whistles

Harry – Here’s the 1-2 pitch strike 3 struck him out

Richie – Wait a minute, Leel the steal is stealing second base

Harry – Hey come back here with that base!  Well we got one out.

Richie – Here’s Lenny Longlegs up to bat.

Harry – He bunts

Richie – Where is he?

Harry – Oh he’s on third

Richie – Then where’s Leel the Steal?

Harry – He’s still on second

Richie – The outfielders are calling Leel out, I thought the ump was supposed to do that.

Harry – He’s still in the bathroom

Richie – Well at least we got 2 outs

Harry – Here comes Jack Schmo up to bat

Richie – Here’s the pitch, just a bit high

Harry – That lucky fan caught it up in the 700 level

Richie - Lenny’s stealing!

Harry - He’s safe by a hair

Richie – Where is he?

Harry – He’s in the dug out

Richie – Here’s the 1-0 pitch to Jack

Harry – Hard hit high left field… Oh wait a minute that’s a bird.

Richie – There’s the ball, it was hit to the short stop, he throws it to first base… he’s out… wait who called that?

Harry – One of the fans

Richie – Where’s the ump?

Harry – He’s still in the bathroom

Richie – Oh, of course

Harry – well that’s the end of the inning… 1 run 1 hit and 1 error, we go to the bottom of the 9th one nothing chickens.

Richie - I know you think pagoda is a bad car but it’s really a good car!

Harry – Ha, Right man

Richie – There goes a lucky driver now testing out a new pagoda… Well that one only lasted 2 seconds

Harry – Told ya

Richie – Well back to the game now

Harry – Where here at the bottom of the 9th, one nothing chickens

Richie – Here’s the pitch strike one to who

Harry – Who?

Richie – That’s right

Harry - Who’s right?

Richie -  Oh forget it forget it… Who get’s a single.  Here’s comes what up to bat, singles down the line.

Harry – Now who’s on second?

Richie – Right

Harry – What’s right?

Richie -  No what’s on first!

Harry – Who?

Richie – No he’s on second!

Harry – Forget it forget it

Richie – Here comes where up to bat

Harry – Where’s?

Richie – Right

Harry -  What’s right?

Richie – No he’s on first

Harry – Shut up!

Richie -  He hits a single

Harry – Bases loaded, Where’s on first

Richie -  Right

Harry – What’s right?

Richie – No he’s on second

Harry – He’s on second?

Richie – No what’s on second!

Harry – Who?

Richie – No he’s on third

Harry -  I thought he was on… Second?

Richie – No what’s on second

Harry -  Forget it, just forget it

Richie – Hey there’s a bird coming on the field, no it’s a plane, no wait, its superman what’s he doing here?

Harry – He must be in the wrong picture

Richie – Isn’t the ump going to get him off the field?

Harry – No

Together – Cuz he’s still in the bathroom

Harry – The pitcher throws to pick what off at second

Richie – He got him!

Harry – There goes where

Richie – Where?

Harry – Don’t start richie

Richie – He got him

Harry – The chickens are celebrating but who is scoring

Richie – He scores, the old timers tie the game… How come the ump doesn’t call extra innings?

Harry – Because

Together – He’s still in the bathroom

Harry – Richie, how about a bite to eat?  But first what do you think about that tie

Richie – ooochuyrmmmmmm crunch crunch

Harry – You ate the microphone!!  Hey somebody wanna get me another microphone here?  Awww forget it, let’s go richie