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What Can I Do To Make Your Day Better

So, yesterday I received word that my old boss passed away.  He'd been fighting brain cancer for nearly 2 years.  A lot of us were very hopeful that the outcome would be good, but, it just wasn't how things went.  It's super sad.  He was funny guy, nice, hard worker... or as he liked to put it... A mule.  He just had a ton of weird and funny phrases that he'd always say.  He was the director but he'd always insist that he was just there to "mule it".  He would insists that he had to be "in the bowels" with his "boys".  Or, usually most mornings he would say, "What's up homini?" as I walked in.  It was supposed to be the singular of homie.... Which I'm pretty sure isn't actually a thing.

Anyway, so, it's definitely very sad and he'll be missed by a lot of people.  We worked in the same office for a good 7 or maybe 8 years, 40 hours week.... Year in and year out.  So, it's definitely weird to not have him around.

One of the phrases that he'd always say when someone came to the door or picked up the phone was "What can I do to make your day better?".  That's kind of how I remember people, by their phrases that they use often.  My mom had a ton of them as well... I just think that I'll continue to recall these phrases and remember him every time I hear how he would say something in his unique funny way.

Some of the phrases really crack me up... I just think of how cool he was and I'll always remember him for sure.  It's a big loss.

I'm not really sure what else to say.  Cancer definitely sucks for sure.  He went too young... I also feel really sad for his family.  I can't imagine his wife and kid must be just devastated.

I can compare losing my mom... It's not a nice feeling.  It's just like there's a void where a bright light used to be.

Life is full of the unexpected and you never know how much time you've got on this planet.  Thing is, I think we spend too much time fighting or being sour, it's not worth it... I think a better attitude to have is "What can I do to make your day better?".

This isn't all that well written... Although, none of my posts really are... But I just kind of wanted to write something about him.  It sucks for sure that he's gone, that's all I can say... He was a pretty awesome dude and a really fun boss as well.  So, I'll always remember him.

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