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Signs or Random Noise

It amuses me I suppose...

This last weekend was intriguing to me... It's just another one of those things that is a little bit, shall we say, unexplainable.

For all intents and purposes Thursday night was terrible.  TOTALLY terrible... But I'm fine with it now.  Is what it is... Fate of the universe and what not.  I really was so upset Thursday night though, I mean beyond upset, and jealous and everything.

Here's the thing about it all...

As EVERYONE knows, there's this Kara chick... Met her basically turn of the new year 2009/2010...

That same summer I met another Kara... At camp.  I called her Mini Kara because she's like 24 now and the other Kara is older... Which is just why I call her Mini Kara... she's just younger.

Anyway... IN some ways she reminded me of the original one, in other ways not so much.

Now, going WAY back, there's this family friend, Eddie... Eddie and my mom went to elementary school together and everything else.  He was life long friends with my mom.  Eddie's son is Dan... Dan made this movie called Dina...

So... Here goes... let's timeline this...

Thursday night happens, what happens?  Simple... Kara was stalking my Facebook as per usual, which I had no hard proof she was doing that, but I had suspicions.

She accidentally clicked the like button on a status.... Oops.  Well the cat was out of the bag.  I saw a notification on my iPhone.  You can't UN notification once you click like and Facebook says someone liked your status.

It happened... You did it... You can't undo it.  You can undo the like, sure... But it's already done.

I find out Kara is a newly wed... Jealous mostly... I mean do I STILL have feelings for her?  Who knows... I sure as hell liked her a lot though back in the day.

When you like someone, you can't un like them... You can try.... But it stays.


Same day I find out she's married?  Dan, yes, the Dan who's dad was Ed, my mom's best friend... Posts an instagram from Miami with his girlfriend.

They're chilling at some posh resort having a sunset dinner.

Why is that significant?

Because Kara lives in South Florida, near Miami.


Ever since I met Kara every time Kara and I would start talking, Eddie would be super talkative with my mom or me and show up to hang out or take her to a baseball game or something...

When Kara and I would stop talking .... Eddie would get super busy and I wouldn't see him for a while.

In fact I hadn't really seen him much during most of the 2000s until... Kara showed up.

Weird right?

How's this one work...

In 2013, I was suppose to go to my sisters wedding... Well, A thing happened where I had a disagreement with my sister... and my mom made me leave the house for like an hour.

Kara and I stopped talking after that night...

I didn't go to my sister's wedding.  I was supposed to have been roomies with Eddie but I was so upset because Kara and I weren't talking that I skipped out on the wedding...

Eddie had a stroke early morning of the day of the wedding.

If I had been in the shared room to call 911?  Who knows... He might still be alive.

But who knows too, Dan's movie Dina mostly got made because of the connection that Dan and Dina had when his dad passed.

It's all just so coincidental.

I guess it's amusing.

The day I find out Kara is married is the day Dan is in Miami with his girlfriend posting Instagram photos of him and her having a sunset dinner.

Oh and also, I totally forgot... It was the night before Mini Kara's birthday too.

Maybe it's all just a bunch of seeing things where nothing is to be seen, but... I don't know, it seems way too coincidental if you ask me.

Have to wonder... and as well once Eddie passed away my mom's own health deteriorated very quickly.  She missed him like crazy.

The thing is... No one can know, maybe it's just the way it was all supposed to go.

I don't know really.

So here we are now in the future.

The only thing to do is just see where it all goes next.  Can't change the past obviously, if I'd gone that night Eddie could have still passed away.

If Kara and I had kept talking, then who knows how that would have played out when she finally met her now husband...

Maybe it was better that I stopped reading all her stuff in the way that I did BEFORE she met him... I don't think I could have been able to handle being friends and watching her move into the arms of another dude.  It would have driven me mad with jealousy.

No one can know for sure...

Who knows.... maybe my sister's fight leading to Kara not talking to me, leading to Eddie's passing... Leading to me no longer reading Kara's social media.... Saved me from going insane from jealousy.

I mean, Kara only even moved to Florida too because of her sister.  It's like both of our siblings were part of the reason her and I don't talk anymore.  Which I find interesting...

Who the heck knows, maybe if her and I HAD kept talking she might not have even met this dude...

And maybe Dan and his girl wouldn't be where they are either?

And maybe I wouldn't be sitting here writing blogs to no one... Hah.

Eh, what can you do... The world happens and we all are just passengers in this wild ride.

All you can do is hang on tight to see what comes next.

It's just weird how all the puzzle pieces continue to shift around us... Pushing and pulling us all in different little directions.

Her sister pulled her to Florida for PA... my sister pulled Eddie to VA for her wedding... and pulled me away from being in Eddie's room that morning when he had the stroke and upset me so much that Kara and I disconnected on Facebook...

It's a whole thing... Of course the irony of it is that she still was reading my Facebook, I just wasn't reading hers.

Anyway... I guess where I'm at now is that I'm just noting the interesting twists and turns and finding them intriguing.

The thing is, I'm sure it will happen again in the future in some way, maybe even with new or different people.  Perhaps this thing with Dan and Kara and Miami means something too.... I doubt it, I think it's just seeing something there, where there isn't anything really to see.  I think it's just another chapter, come, and gone, and on to the next as everyone goes their different ways of into the sunset.

Roll credits as the story of all our lives unfold into the future.


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