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Hair and Teeth

So, lately I've been seeing the following on online dating...

"If you're wearing a hat or not smiling in your photos, I'm not interested because it means you probably don't have hair or teeth."

My thing is... I know a lot of people who are bald and married.  So obviously there are women out there who aren't THAT superficial that they won't give a guy a shot for something he has no control over.

I mean, some people lose their hair.  It's not like they CHOSE to have their hair fall out.

And then sometimes you lose a tooth.

I mean, obviously it's not ideal for people to be bald and toothless.  But the point is, that it means your moral character isn't all that great.

It means you don't care about people being genuine, you just care about them looking good.

Which means that when it comes to someone like that, I would pass on that profile.  Why?  Well, what if we got married and 10 or 20 years down the road... Physical changes occur.

What then?

All she cares about it hair and teeth.

My thing too is a lot of online dating women like tall guys.

What happens if the person is in an accident the day after you get married and is now in a wheel chair for the rest of their life.

Do you file for divorce?

Sounds silly now doesn't it?

You were in love the day of the wedding before he got in a car accident and lost his legs.

My thing is, that's just not someone I really want to be romantic with.

It's like, basically they aren't genuinely interested in me... Or love at all... They just want something that looks good.

The problem with all of that is... Well, have you ever bought anything?  Anything at all?

What happens after you bring it home?

The first scratch.

The first dent.

Then something unravels and breaks.

Things fall apart.  Nothing stays beautiful forever.  If you put your standard for being with someone into physical things...

Eventually, you won't want them anymore.

We all get old.  We all change physically.

But it just shows what kind of person she is, and why I swipe left on her.

If she's only interested in height, hair, and teeth... I'm not interested in someone who can't have the capacity to love beyond that.  To really have true feelings and emotions for a person beyond just looks.

I keep hope that somewhere out there is someone who doesn't really make those things a priority.  I never have, I never will.  To me?  It's about finding someone you just like to be around.

The physical isn't something I really care about at all.  And when you think about it, physical is so temporary but the true genuine person behind all that is what matters.

I feel like too many people get hung up on physical and not on the person on a more deeper level.

I mean for me?  I like humor, and creativity... True, but I also just like someone I feel comfortable with.  Like a good friend.

I mean, yes, I haven't even been with anyone in years... So who knows, my words aren't really worth much I guess.  I go on a good amount of dates, I have a good amount of interested here and there but... It never seems to work out to become any thing.

But I guess it's okay.  I feel like it'll happen eventually.

I'm still pretty convinced with I'm not romantically compatible with anyone in this area.  I think the one I'm supposed to be with lives possibly on the west coast.  I'd like to move somewhere in the pacific northwest for a year or two just to see... And then after that just kind of bounce around until I find a place that works and fits.

The only thing I know for sure though is, if the priority is teeth hand hair and height, she's not for me.  I'm just not interested in someone who makes that their top list items for love.

I just feel like being with someone should be much more meaningful than that.  You start a story together and share that story.  You grow together and really experience life together.

You don't just sit there and stare at one another and say how nice their teeth and hair look.  Just seems like such a silly thing to base a relationship on if you ask me.

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