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Industrial Way

Yesterday I went to Allagash Brewing.  It was awesome.  I also hit up Foundation Brewing Co.  One of the alumni I know from the camp here is a top notch head brewmaster dude.  He gave me a tour of Foundation.  I didn't get a chance to tour Allagash but I'll do that next time.

It's fascinating because there's actually 5 breweries on the one street.  Allagash is the biggest one and then there's a few other breweries along with food trucks and games setup like bean bag toss and such.  It was a fun day.  I spent a few hours there just hanging out.  Had beer samples and food truck food.  I did a little writing of a new book idea.

After the breweries I came back to camp and hung out with the staff at the hang out area.  I decided to pickup pizza on the way back along with some hard cider.  I'm getting ready to leave now and drive through the night so I'm just finishing up a few things now.  But last night was my last night in camp so I wanted to just do something a little special.  Decided to pick up pizza and drinks for the staff at the hang out spot.  Everyone enjoyed it.

As for the previous few posts... All has been resolved and apologizes happened and things are copacetic.

Well anyway, I guess the big thing is that all is okay again.  Feelings have normalized and I've gained an insight and understanding from the experience.

That's kind of how things go.  Life throws unexpected experiences with you and, I truly believe they are there to teach you lessons and build your character and make you into the person that you're meant to be.  To grow from it all.

The world is meant to teach us.  We are forever life learners.  And the good news is no one here at camp reads all my thoughts that I post on this blog... So, no one is the wiser about my thoughts and feelings.

Anyway, I have a long drive ahead of me so I must be out.

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