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13 Reasons Part 2

So, tonight I watched the 4th episode of 13 Reasons Why...

There's some similarities, by a VERY far stretch, to some of the things in my book.  I mean, not really, just slight, but my stuff is totally different.  But there's a few little things in this one episode that are somewhat similar.

Here's the thing about art... I think creative people are kind of linked, in a way...  Actually, that's not really my own thought...

Wait, let me back up...

A) I'm reading this book Big Magic that I started reading a LONG time ago but I kind of put down... and the concept in that is that creative thoughts go out into the world into the universe, and that a certain number of creative types pick up the universal creative thoughts...

If someone doesn't act on it, another person will.  And if that person doesn't.  Another will.  That's why sometimes you get overlapping art and ideas... Because creative timelines differ for creative individuals.  Some people can have a dream, or get inspired and jot it down... Start a project... And not pick it back up again for months or years...

It's all in Big Magic.

But it's true.  I have many things that I've started, much like I started reading various books and put them down and then picked them back up again years later.


So a short time ago, like less than 2 weeks ago or so, I was in Starbucks and a song came on while I was waiting in line to buy a coffee...

It was a new Dave Matthews Band song... "Do You Remember?".

Basically I thought for a quick second that it was a newly released recording of my friend Jesse's song that he released a few year ago.  His song is called "This Is Why I Need You" and he wrote it years ago.

Now, the songs were released at different times... And they have similar sounding melodies in one specific part.  Argue what you want... But it's very likely that they just both came up with the specific part of their songs on their own and it's just pure chance that they have similar sounding parts.  Just like how there's a small part that similar in 13 Reasons Why that has a slight similarity to a part in my book.


There's no part C, it's just not Part A or B anymore.

Anyway, the point is... Read Big Magic, and watch 13 Reasons Why...

And if you make art, like music, or write, or paint... Just keep doing it.  If you make something and you don't like it... Keep it up, and if you make something and it seems similar to something else... It's probably because we're all humans... We all have the same body parts.  We all breathe the same air.

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