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13 Reasons And Seasons

So, I started this 13 reasons why show.  It's good.  I'm on episode 3.

Maybe I already mentioned that.  Maybe not.  Oh well... If I did... I did!  Hah.

But yeah, it's a good show.  I'm sipping and savoring.

I'm not much of a binge watcher.  I like to enjoy an episode at a time slowly.  I mean, I watch the episodes at normal speed, obviously, I don't slow them down... that would be weird.  Watching movies and TV shows in slow motion.

True story, we used to do that with movies as kids because our VCR had a slow motion button.  And now I'm just like... WHY is that button even there?

Anyway... I usually will watch one show on my list per night, or sometimes ever other night, or every few nights...

I'm a fan of a show with dinner.  Dinner, a craft beer, and an episode of something.  Usually I alternate between like 2 or 3 shows, so I get a new episode a week.

Here's the thing though, right now, I watch Netflix in my office/study.  Okay so, my cats have decided that they really like my current seating arrangement in my living room.  So even though I have a TV hooked up to everything, I can't really make sure of it.

I was going to buy a new couch but didn't have the heart to kick the cats out of their favorite area.

Soooo I just watch elsewhere.  For now.

Eventually I'll probably relocate the various furniture items to another room and then convince them to use that room so I can buy a new couch and make a comfy spot to watch Netflix on the couch.


Anyway, back to this episode I'm watching before I head to bed.

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