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Replacement Parts

So, my dad had some surgery today.  He had to have something replaced because it was in danger of breaking.  So, now he has a new aorta or something like that.

He seems to be doing okay.  He's recovering in the ICU.

We'll know more in a few more days.

But he's got new and improved stitchings inside of him now to patch up some worn out tubing.

Hopefully everything turns out A-okay.  I think the recovery timeline is at least 6 weeks or so... So, it's going to be a bit of a journey for him, but he seems to be taking it well so far.

Just a reminder at how fragile life is and how much of a gift it is.  And as well the wonders of modern medicine!

Anyway, I'll post another update when he's back to normal and kicking.  For now, he's doing better than expected so far for day one out of the operation.  So, that's a good sign!

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