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Hi Ashburn!

So, someone in Ashburn, VA visited my blog 104 times.  104!  WOW.

Now, as it turns out in the analytics report... Those visits show them going through every page of my blog, and as well my main site.

Interesting.  Let's find out who they are...

So, the network domain is Sketchy.

My guess is, it's a bot.  it looks like the time spent on my site/each page, was only a matter of seconds.  Who reads that fast?


The referral path isn't set.  So, that's of no use.

The entry and exit pages were each individual page.  Kind of weird.

It's almost like it was a new session per page... Again... Smells bot-like.  They were probably screen scraping for something.

So the browser used was Chrome, the OS is Windows but the version is XP.

Weird, because who uses XP anymore?  No one.

Very much so "bot like".

My guess is it was some sort of virtual cloud PC that was being used to browse the site.  But why?

Very interesting.

Let's take a deeper look... So the Service provider is something called Hubspot.  Hmmm... I'm going to Google a little and see what I can find...

Search terms, "Hubspot" "Ashburn" "Amazon Web Services".  Let's see what comes up!


So, it looks like there is indeed an AWS bot making the rounds.  That's 104 hits in the last week accounted for on my blog...

There are 3 other cities showing...

Hmmm... #1 is San Diego and #2 San Francisco.

Kind of cool.  Could also be bots, but they do show that the people spent a good 5 minutes reading posts... So, those are most likely real people.  What about #3?

Okay, there's one last city that shows it was a returning user instead of a new user.  All the other cities are new users... This one shows a returner...

Return reader!  Cool beans.  It looks like a blog regular.  Hi number 3!  So, who is #3 of the 3 extra cities?

The final city is named Plantation.  Hi Plantation... Thanks for tuning in. 🙂

Hope you're doing well down there.  Hmmm okay, well, I suppose... That's all for now!

Until the next post enjoy this video of a bot named #5 laughing...

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