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Sly Fox Goat Race!

Sunday was the Sly Fox Goat Race.  It was tons of fun.  This was my 3rd year going.  I basically just walked around, watched the festivities, ate food, drank beer, and chatted with strangers.  Then  I closed down the place waiting for my buzz to wear off drinking a coke.

It was good times.

I imagine I'll be back next year for sure.  I got the mug and the T shirt.

I think my favorite part was taking some selfies with the person dressed in the goat costume.  Always fun times.  Who doesn't love a mascot photo?

The only sad part was that the goat I rooted for, Vincent Van Goat, didn't win.  I was rooting for him last year too.  I love his hat.  Haha.  It's just super cool and fun.  Vincent even had a Go Pro on his back, that's was cool too.  There's video on his Facebook fan page.

Another goat had a superman costume on.  I dig the accessories and costumes.  I feel like there should be more of that.  I just think if I ever decided to get a goat and then enter it in the race, I'd totally have it all accessorized out.  Do something funny or interesting or unique every year.

Well, anyway, it was just a great time.  Hung out, drank a few mugs full of beer, and had some delicious food too.  And I had several conversations about everything and anything under the sun.

I'm definitely looking forward to the next race next year, but also just looking forward to the next event that I head out to as well!

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