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Online Scavenger Hunt

So, the other day I was thinking how it would be cool to do a digital/online scavenger hunt.

You know, like, basically how a real scavenger hunt works, but online.

So, in a real scavenger hunt you have people who set out with a list of items to accomplish, and they all start at the same time, and the first person to collect all the items on the list wins.

This would be kind of similar to that.  There would be a start time, and everyone would get the list at the same exact time.  And then, the first person to finish the list wins... I guess they would get bragging rights or something like that.  Although, there could be prizes.

It would work something like, there would be a list of items for everyone who participates to complete.

First item on the list could be to take a selfie.  Pretty easy.  Then the second item could be to take a selfie with a friend.  And then the next item could be to find a street sign with the letter Z in it.

Now things are getting harder to find.

Things like that.  I think that would be cool.

And then there could be different kinds of themes for scavenger hunts.

Maybe even philanthropic ones.  Buy something at the grocery store and donate it to a food bank.

Buy a toy and donate it to toys for tots... Stuff like that.  And then you just check-in and post a photo at each check point or item on the list.

The idea would be to compete with a group of friends or family and see who could get all the items first.

Next item on the list?  Buy some washable sidewalk chalk and write something nice for people at the park to find.

I mean, I'm just making things up as I go here, but if someone really sat down and came up with a list, I bet they could create some pretty cool digital scavenger hunts.

There could even be an app or a website that you track it all in.

I mean, anyone could just do this all on Facebook with posts.  Just start at the same time by all posting your start time in a group chat, and then post photos and such in the group chat.

That way it's all time logged and stamped and what not.  There's no possible way to cheat.

And as well, everyone would see everyone else's posts, so you'd know when that final item is posted and who won.

Just an idea.  I think it could be cool.  And maybe it already exists, and maybe it doesn't.

I would say, start with 10 things and start with 3 to 5 friends in a group chat on Facebook.  Pick a start time, everyone posts "starting".  And then everyone would go.

Now, the only thing is, without some sort of timed release site with a password encrypted release of the list... Okay, hang on, let me back up, so the way I envision it would be that you log into a site, and you sign up for a start time.  Then, at exactly the time that the scavenger hunt starts, a link appears and you can click on it and get the list.

Or an email is sent, or a text, or something.

And then everyone starts and gets a first look at the list at the same exact time.

But all that aside, someone would have to be the moderator and come up with the list and then they would be the one to post the list to the Facebook group chat and moderate the scavenger hunt.

There's really no other way to do it, because if you helped make the list, you'd already know the questions and then could cheat and already have some items completed.

Anyway, there are definitely details to iron out.

It could be fun though.  At least I think it might be.

What kind of online/digital scavenger hunt questions would you come up with if you were to plan one for your friends?

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