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It’s Trash Now

On the last trash day I threw out a vacuum cleaner.  It was old school, like 80s or 90s.  I'm pretty sure it still worked... The thing is though, it's not worth anything.  I probably could have tried to sell it or donate it, but it's just not worth the effort.

My thing is, if it's big and bulky and it's only going to fetch 10 bucks at most, it's not even worth the shipping or gas or effort, might as well just trash it.

It's crazy though the amount of things I've gone through and donated or thrown out or sold... And I still have space for stuff.

Like, my rule is basically that if I can buy a shelving unit and the shelving unit sits empty entirely... Then I'm done cleaning out.

But if I can buy a shelving unit for the basement or garage or whatever... And I STILL find things to put on it, even if it's old books or junk... I'm not done.

I recently bought a shelving unit and put it in the basement and had it filled up again within about 30 minutes.

It's kind of crazy the amount of things we accumulate.  A lot of it is useful, but a lot of it is also just junk and sits around collecting dust.

Like this vacuum.  I already have one.  But here was this perfectly okay working vacuum from like 1985... But, it's just collecting dust.

My rule is that I basically pick one thing a week, no matter what, I try to find one thing a week that I don't need anymore.  Last week it was this vintage vacuum.

Just trying to keep cleaning and clearing out little by little.

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