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Similar Things

So, I finally started watching Stranger Things.  Kind of late to the party...

It's weird watching it.  Like hair rising up on the back of my neck type of weird.


Because, it's just REALLY similar to a story tweets story that I wrote and posted on Twitter... That predates when this came out.  It's currently still on Twitter, tweet by tweet, date and time stamped.

Right now I just finished the third episode.

It just reminds me a lot of my own story.  I mean, a LOT.

Almost like the creators of Stranger Things read my story... And then wrote their own based off it.

I doubt this is true though.  The thing is... We live in one world together... A group of people, billions of us, all living together on this planet.  Trapped inside a bubble.

Odds are, we're going to share some of the same thoughts.

It's different enough that it's not plagiarism.  Although, I'm only on episode 3, so I mean, who the heck knows, there would be word for word dialogue later on... If that were the case, I'd be officially freaked out... Because that's not possible.

Obviously if there are any scenes that are exactly the same, I'm calling an intellectual property attorney and having things looked into...

But my stuff was posted on Twitter, in public... not copyrighted...

True.  I never submitted my stuff to That's fair... But also, I wouldn't sue for monetary compensation if there were actually some lifting of my material from my Twitter account used in Stranger Things...

Why sue then?

Simple.  I already have a million dollar trust fund, what the hell do I need more money for?  I don't need obscene amounts  of money... What's the point?  There is no point... I want something else... I want my book published and made into a movie.

I'd want Netflix to pick it up and turn it into a movie.

Or, I'd want the creators of stranger things to help me start my own creative career.

Kind of a weird thing to sue for.

I'm a weird guy, what can I say?

At any rate, I doubt they copied my stuff, the odds are so low.... But, like I said, humanity is a shared space.

Think about this, if you go out in the world and you tell something to someone, they then have that thought in their brain.  They heard what you said, and it's now in their brain.  That thought... It's inside them.  Even if they forget it... They heard it, and they thought about it... And it's now part of their memory.

The mind is a powerful thing, it remembers things we never thought it would remember.

And thoughts and memories?  Are highly contagious.

People are good at taking things in through their senses... And then sharing that stuff.

Ideas, concepts, language, experience... People absorb it all like a sponge, and then they share it with people, perhaps not by simply re-telling the exact same thing, but it is incorporated into what they say.  How they act.

We sweat experience, and others absorb that and in turn, replicate it out... It's a bit like a whisper down the lane...

You tell someone something that was told to you and they in turn tell others.

I'll entertain the idea that maybe someone who knows someone who knows the creators of Stranger Things might have read some or all of my story tweets, and then they in turn might have talked about it at some party, or out at some bar, and then someone else might have said something to someone else, who was then the person who was inspired to write it.

There's so many works of art though that are inspired by other things.

That's how being creative works, you are inspired to inspire others.

It's definitely a strange thing though to watch the events unfold with the missing kids in Stranger Things, it reminds me a lot of the story tweets story.

To be honest though?  I've had a lot of stranger things happen in my own lifetime so far.  So many experiences that just made me go.... Wow, that was freaky.

Too many to count.

Anyway, I'll keep watching Stranger Things and give an update as I watch more...

If there's anything so similar of a thing that it totally weirds me out, I'll be sure to post it right away!  Or, maybe I'll have to submit it to or something.  Haha...

Anyway, I guess I'll see.


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