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5 Year Plan

So, right now, most of the things in my life, I don't really want in my life...

Such is life.

All the shit... None of the shine.

5 years from now I'll be 40, and I'll get another 50k from my trust... It's just going to go to add to my dividend salary, so I'll buy another 50k in dividend producing income.

My brother and sister are like... "We're going to Disney World!"

This is why we're different people.

To me, it's capital to be used to make investments... to them, it's spending money.

I look at money in a different way... I see it as investment capital and something to use to create and make... Most other people are just like... Let's go shopping!


My plan is to continue to, one by one, get rid of all these little things in my life that I don't want.

5 years from now, I'm pretty certain a at least one, or possibly two of these 4 pets I currently have, will no longer be taking up time in my day.

Sure, they are cute, but... They are just a lot of work.  I promised my mom I would take care of them, so... I'll let them live out their days.

My basic plan is to just say no to the stuff I don't want, and yes to the stuff I do... What do I want?  More time to make music... More income... More dividend stocks.

What don't I want?

Basically everything I currently have.

I'd love to travel more... I'd love to have less responsibilities.

I'd love to sleep in more...

Cats don't let you sleep in.

Eventually I'll sell this house... I'll take all that money and put it into dividend producing stocks, that will just keep boosting my income.

I just want more income.  Less stuff, more flow of money...

More music.

Music and travel and income.

I go out too much.  I need to stay in more... I need more leftover capital at the end of each pay cycle to then buy more stocks.

Everyone's saving for their next vacation... I'm saving to boost my income from dividends.  The faster that goes up, and the less I spend, the more I can buy even more shares in dividend stocks and the more I can boost my dividends income...

Feedback loop.

The faster you make money the faster you can make money even faster.

And then, all my expenses will be paid for and I can stay in and work on music and books full time.

That was my dream since day one.

Now, of course no matter what on my 50th birthday I get my trust... And that's a lot more money that can just all be plowed into dividend income.

But anyway, here I am at home... Trying to spend less money.... and work on some music more.  I do have to run out to the store because it's apparently supposed to snow again...

So, I need to get supplies and what not.

But the more I stay in too the more I can sort and throw out and lighten my burden load.

Too many responsibilities.

Too much junk around this house.

The only thing I want more of is dividend producing stocks, and musical instruments.

But not too many instruments, I only need enough to get what I want done.

Anyway, so my 5 year plan is to keep pushing things in the direction that I want them, and steering away from the direction I don't.

I'm building up my second salary in the form of dividends.  And I'll just keep plowing more money into shares in dividend stocks that pay even more dividends... How much is enough you ask?

One can never have enough.

That's what I say.

Ideally, I'd like to get it it to the point where I'm spending only half of the money coming in and covering all my expenses, then the other half is going back into build up even more capital.

Anyway, we'll see... Just have to keep plugging away.  I'll get there one day.

But for now, it's a life full of trudging through the crap.

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