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Resident Assistance

Last night I was at this annual charity even thing for a coworker.  I go every year.  They have one in the Fall and one this time of the year.

It was alright.  My only issue with it is that EVERYONE is married, or has some kind of significant other...

And then there's me... Always single.

But other than that, it was alright.  Drank beer, ate food, played the raffle stuff, didn't win... But to be honest, I don't ever need to win anything ever again in my life... I've already won... When you have a trust fund, you don't need to ever win anything else.  That's just kind of a given.

Nobody with a trust ever says... "I'm SOOO upset I didn't win that".  You already won.

Anyway, so... Yeah, the event... It's put on by the resident assistant director at work...

The resident assistant theme is a weird one with me... All my exes were RAs.  I don't know why.  Just seems to be a thing.

So the event is basically almost setup like a wedding is... You walk in, there's tables, people sit at tables... There's a DJ, there's the bar... It's in a firehouse banquet room.

There's speeches made... And then the Cupid Shuffle comes on and people dance.

While I was waiting in the beer line, I kind of started talking to this one girl behind me... We just chatted some.  But then I was off in another direction.

The next time I saw her we were dancing on the dance floor to the cupid shuffle...

Then off in another direction.

Then the next time I saw her... She was running with a rescue bag of some sort that she had retrieved from the firehouse next to the banquet hall.

I think I was just taken aback because, it didn't seem like the same person who I was talking with in the beer line.  She went from sort of... This random stranger to... Whoa, wait, what?

I guess you're expecting that when people act professional, they wear the getup.  They wear the proper clothing, the matching uniform to that job or task...

So, to see someone change their personality or demeanor, without changing their attire... I don't know, it's just kind of jarring I suppose.

But also sort of awe inspiring.

After the event there was a middle aged gentleman who was having either a cardiac event, or a second medical event related to an event he'd had a month before.

I wasn't really sure, and they didn't really want us to all stay and be onlookers.  It wouldn't have helped the situation anyway.

But just kind of watching her, I was just like... there's someone that doesn't take a break or clock out from their career.

If the duty calls, they are there...

That's kind of the resident assistant type of personality, which is like, they might not actually be required to be on duty, but they always are anyway.

I feel like there's just something attractive about that characteristic.

Well anyway, if I ever see her again at a future event, I'll just be sure to point out how I thought she should be recognized for what she did.

I just think when people do good samaritan type of things, they should be recognized for it.  I mean, sure some people don't care... But, I don't know, if you do a good thing, I think a thanks is in order.

I guess that's just my view.

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