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No Kidding

I've decided I don't want kids.  I used to want all that... Kids, significant other, etc. etc.

I guess I'm over it.  After trying for years to find that one... I guess I've kind of just... Had a change of heart or something.

Or maybe I've just realized after watching my brother and sister run around like mad people trying to keep their kids in line... And then I see my own life where I go to live music, comedy improv, running club...

What's not to love?

So, okay, I'm not completely closed to it all... I'm just not going to actively seek any of it.  Even a significant other.  I guess I just don't have that priority anymore.  Dating was just really depressing.  To cool off on the dating thing and just go out and enjoy a beer or two, or three... While watching comedy improv, was just amazing.

Conversations are great at run club too...

I mean... My thing is... I guess if it's meant to all happen... Some day it will.  Shoot, I mean even Uncle Jesse from Full House is JUST now having his first kid, and that's with his second wife.  And he didn't even marry her until not all that long ago.

I'm 35... I know people who are 10 years apart.  That means, I could possibly not even meet someone for another 10 years and then we end up having a kid and whatever at that point in my life.

Right now?  I'm going to just plan to spend the next 5 or 10 years going out, and doing fun things, and working hard, and cleaning out my house, and shifting my resources into new investments so that I can create additional income to start traveling more.

Anyway... Dating/love/kids/a family/etc. just isn't my priority anymore.

I've got work to do.  And fun to be had.  5Ks to run, and music to make, and books to write, and places to travel, and beers to drink.

And for now, I have 3 cats and a turtle to take care of...

Although, some sad news, one of my cats seems to have some failing kidneys.  She's 15 though, and her sister went at 13 of bad kidneys, so I guess it runs in her cat family or something.

The vet said she's not sure right now of how long... Could be a few more years... So, I guess we'll find out.

I don't want new cats or pets... I'm going to give these current cats top care because obviously they were my mom's and she wanted them to be cared for.  But once the cats live out their natural lives, I'm just going to have a plant or something...

Ideally I want to sell my house and just have a condo, or a few condos, just that I can bounce between.  Personally I don't want a lot of living space.  Basically I just want less things that take time out of my day so I can focus on working more and music and books and all that stuff more.

I may purchase real estate though for investment means and either flip, or rent out those properties.  So, like I would own houses, but my personal residence would be this little tiny condo or 2 or 3 little condos.  Condos in different cities.

One here in Philly, but then have like, one in Maine and then have a few others around the world.

I think having several tiny houses would be neat too... Just no tiny humans... At least for the time being I have no plans for that.

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