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Improv Fest

Last night I went up to the improv comedy fest up in Bethlehem.  It was great.  I went last year and had a good time.  This year was just as good.  I can't wait until next year.

My plan next year is to go Friday night too.  And then also go all day Saturday.

We'll see if that happens. I only went Saturday this year and last year and missed the Friday night performances.

I really want to find other improv fest to go to.  They are just so much fun!

I wonder if they are as well run as the ArtsQuest one is at Steel Stacks.  I find myself going to Arts Quest pretty awesome.  It's a great place.  I really want to check out more events there.  They have open mics too I think and they have comedy improv as well just on a Friday or Saturday night.

My only thing is, it's an hour drive.  Totally worth it though.

I wouldn't mind maybe moving there.  I like Bethlehem.  Maybe sell this house, buy a smaller house up there, look for a job at one of the colleges in that area.

Just something I've considered.

I find myself up there fairly often though.  All that aside, I kind of want to maybe head up there one Friday or Saturday night to see the regular show.

One of the guys there at the improv fest who helped organize it also helps run the regular scheduling of activities they have there.  He keeps saying to come check it out.  So, I think I will.

I always have a good time.  I was there in the Fall for the oktoberfest and 5k run and there for Musikfest as well... It's always a good time.

I really want to find out when this one group is performing again too. Charlie is the name of their group, and they do musical theater improv.  It's SOO cool.

I actually missed half their set, which I'm a little bummed about, but I was talking to them after they were performing and they are from NYC and are looking for more places to perform regularly.  I followed their social media.... SO I'm hoping to see them again.

Hopefully they will be at the festival next year.  This year was their first year there.

I did get to see the Flumplenarf's again though!  They rock.  They are like these monster costumes, and then the performers do improv as the monsters.  It's hilarious.  I don't know why, but it just is.  One of the monsters can blink the eyes.  It just cracked me up so much.  I was laughing so hard the whole time.

Such a good time though.  I can't wait until next year's festival, that's for sure!


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