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Another 5K!

Today I ran another 5K.  I'm EXHAUSTED!

I've been up since 5am.

Anyway, I ran the Oktoberfest 5K up at Steelstacks.  It was pretty awesome.  It was raining cats and dogs this morning when I went to leave the house but  by the time the race was about to start the rain had stopped.  I met a few of my friends at the 5K and we ran it all together.  Although we each had different finish times.

I ran an 11 ish minute mile at about 36 minutes or so.

After the 5K we enjoyed the festival and had a couple of beers.  They gave out shirts, and mugs...

We also got some bananas and kind bars and bottles of water at the finish line.

It was a pretty good event.  My friends and I sat around and had some beers and food, all the traditional german Oktoberfest type foods... Strudel and Bratwurst.  Good stuff.

Anyway, I'm super tired.  SO, even though I don't have work tomorrow, I'm going to call it an early one.

Song of the day is a song from my running mix...


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