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Right now I'm in Maine.  It's pretty fantastic.  I'm just having fun and enjoying time spent with old friend and making new friends.

Each day is packed with events and activities.  I've got a friend of mine at home watching my cats... So they are happy.

Tonight I went to get ice cream.  Last night I went out with some peeps to North Conway, which technically isn't Maine... I know, the subject is Maine... But, it's close enough, it's New Hampshire.

While I was out in North Conway at dinner there was a snafu with the meal, so my one main dish was complimentary.  Seems to be a weird theme with me.  I got a free burger last month.

Anyways... there's tons of other things happening and going on here in Maine, but it's too much to recap at the moment, also... I'm being called by a few friends.  Sooo, I must be on my way.


I haven't seen a Plantation, Florida hit to trigger a new blog... I just decided to write one anyway.  I'm just gonna write blogs whenever I feel compelled to write blogs.  Maybe I'll go a day without writing one, and maybe I'll go a month.  So, I'm officially ending the "A blog for a hit" policy I previously had.  Maybe I write blogs... and maybe I check my analytics, and maybe I don't.

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