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Meeting Mallet

Today I found something interesting as I was doing a little house cleaning... A wooden meat pounding thing... And written on it, it says "Meeting Mallot".

I'm assuming that it's supposed to be mallet but it's spelled wrong...

On the top it just says "Task".

Honestly... I'm not quite sure of the history of this thing.  I'm not sure where it came from or what it was made for.  I'm pretty sure it's a summer camp thing.  It's possible that it could have also been a ski school thing... Or a high-school reunion thing.

Knowing my mom, it's a gag gift of some sort.

She was big on gag gifts.  Just like, stupid funny pointless gifts that had no point other than to make the person laugh.

Or an inside joke gift.  This is probably where it came from.

Camp is 95 percent made up of inside jokes that come out of situations that occur at camp.  But this is true for my own workplace.

I'm sure most organizations, no matter what it is... just by spending time with a group of some sort... An inside joke of some kind forms... And then... You get... A meeting mallet.

My guess is, it came out of having meetings, say, maybe at camp, or somewhere my mom worked, and then people were talking over one another and someone just jokingly said something like... We need a meeting mallet so whoever has that is the one who talks!

And then someone actually took a real wooden meat mallet and wrote on it and then gave it as a gag gift.

I'm really not sure.  It's interesting though to ponder.  I guess it's just one of those things I may never know, unless one of her friends messages me and is like... "Oh my!  You have that Meeting Mallet!"

And I'll be all like, "Why yes I do!"

And they will be like... "That's too funny."

And then... I'll learn the story of The Meeting Mallet.

Until then... I just kind of have to wonder.

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