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Round It Up

I went to The Yard House last night.  It's this new place over in King of Prussia.  I mean, it's not NEW... But it's new to the area.

It was a weird night.  I guess not weird really, but... Interesting.  I first pulled up and a car was pulling out of a spot RIGHT up front.  Then when I went in there were no seats at the bar... As I walked around the bar two guys were just leaving.

So, I sat down.

I ordered a beer and a burger.  The beer I got was a pomegranate wheat beer.  It was pretty dang tasty!

The Yard House has over 100 brews on tap.  It's crazy.  I mean there are SOOOOO many beers.  If there's a Yard House nearby, I say check it out.

The burger came out before the fries.  I mean, we're talking, only about 5 minutes tops.  I started eating my burger.  Eventually the fries came out, a manager brought them out.  He said to me... "Your next beer is on us".

I was like... Well alright!

So, I ordered another beer... I was only going to have the one.  Well... I then started chatting with this one person next to me.  She was cool.  We basically just kind of talked about random stuff.  Like about Wisconsin, which was where she was from.  And all the new stuff they are building in KOP.  It's true, it's like boom town in KOP.  They're building all this new housing next to Wegmans.

In between conversation and the burger and beer I worked on my book.  It's interesting because what I ended up writing was different from what I had intended to write when I sat down.

This is why I write at bars.  The atmosphere adds chaos.  The chaos of a bar... Forces the writing to be unpredictable.  Which is good for the plot.

The chaotic element of bars.  Hey, I mean, Shakespeare wrote in bars!  Apparently, it was because back in the day candles were expensive, and bars had lots of candles and light.  So, either you go to the local pub and use their candle light, or you sit in the dark because you can't afford candles.

At least that's what I've heard.  Maybe it's only a myth.  But hey... It makes sense to me.

And here's 4 pubs that Shakespeare drank in!

I actually ended up staying pretty late...

Towards the end of the night they were playing music videos on the TVs... Some were 80s some 90s some 2000s some more modern.  It was fun to see what would come up next.  Some people started singing along.

Well, when I went to close out... It turns out my burger was comped.  So, I paid for the drinks only.

I left a gracious tip.  On top of the tip though, they do this round it up thing... It's for charity.  Apparently the charity they are supporting at the KOP Yard House is Philabundance.  So I was told.  I left some extra funds on that tip line as well.


I thought that was pretty cool.  It's a really clever way to collect donations for charity.  And it's not like you have to leave a whole bunch... Actually the idea is that you round up to the next dollar.  So, for example, if your bill is $43.24 you'd round up to 44.  And then they add that extra 76 cents to the charity fund.

Kind of neat.  I didn't really round up... I just left a full dollar amount and then tacked the tip on top of that.  Oops.  Haha... Oh well.

Hey to be fair, I'd had a few so I was just like... Annnnnnnd a donation for yoooooouuuuu annnnnnnnnd a tip for yoooooooou... WOOOOO I'm feeling pretty good right now!

True story.

Oh, and so my last beer I had... it was a funnel cake flavored beer.  Seriously.  It was actually really good!  I can't tell you who brews it... But, I seriously liked it way more than I thought I would.

Anyways, so, yeah.  Yard House.  I'm a fan.  I'll definitely be back.  Food is good, drinks are good... and they more than made up for that one little service thing by comping me my burger for the fries being late, which they definitely didn't need to do.  And then the whole giving back round it up thing... That was pretty awesome too.  So, yeah... Definitely one of my new favorite spots.

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