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My current weekend plans for this weekend are...


Or more formally known as, "The Great Pennsylvania FlavorFest at Mount Hope.

Sounds very formal.

It looks like fun.

I found out about it through this bartender dude last week when I was out grabbing a beer up in Chestnut Hill.  He just worked at a beerfest that they had recently and told me that I could check out the upcoming festival.  He told me that it would definitely be a good time and WAY worth it.

So, I was just kind of like, why not?

Here's the thing... I actually need to put some miles on my car because I need to get it serviced before I go to Maine.  It's either get it serviced before Maine, or after Maine.

If it's far enough away, I get it serviced after.  If it's near enough... I get it serviced before.

Right now, I'm in the middle.

So, I'm hoping to get it serviced before camp.  Thus... FlavorFest.  See, it's a good little drive there and back since it's out near to Harrisburg.  So, that will add some miles to my car.  I'm also going next weekend to the 5k... That's a little bit of a drive.  I may just start driving around a little more to add some miles here and there so I can get the service in before I head up to Maine.

One of my friends agreed to cat/house sit for me.  So, that's cool.

Oh, speaking of house things... I got a new kitchen faucet.  So, that's pretty awesome.  It's just a regular one.  It's pretty much exactly like the previous one.  It's not super fancy.  I just needed one that didn't wiggle around all lose and make weird noises.  And... didn't have hard wooder stains all over it.

That Philly wooder.  I mean... Water.

Well anyways... I'm excited for the fest!  My plan is to find a good cab.  I love cabs.  Right now I have a nice Cali one that I picked up recently.  I plan to drink that cozied up on the couch with some Netflix shows, perhaps next week.

Northern California reds are just my favorites.  Especially Cabernet Sauvignon.

Well... Tonight's homework... Get your car serviced if it needs to be serviced!  And make sure to keep your glove compartment information up to date.  I just paid my insurance and need to print out new cards and put those in the glovebox.

And go pick out your favorite bottle of wine to enjoy and relax on the couch with a good movie/tv show/or book one evening.

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