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Dear Evan Hansen

So, right now I'm obsessed with Dear Evan Hansen.  Well, okay, I'm obsessed with the Original Broadway Cast Recording and not exactly the Broadway play itself.

It's just really good.  I'm not entirely sure exactly what the whole musical is about, but I have a good idea from the music.  I downloaded the cast recording on iTunes.

Okay, well, my plan, is to see it this summer, hopefully in July.  See, this guy that is related to me through marriage and such on my Dad's side... Is in it.

He was in this day time soap called As The World Turns.

Anyways, so yeah, he's in it.  His name is Micahael Park.

My favorite song currently is Waving Through a Window...

I think why I like this song so much... Because it feels like we're all looking at each other through the window of our laptop screens... Or, phone screens?  Or whatever digital device we're all using, screen.

You know?  Like, all this non-face to face interaction... It's almost like the device that we're using to communicate with one another... it's like waving through a window, in a way.

So here I am waving at you... Wondering if you're waving back at me.

Well anyways... So, HOPEFULLY, fingers crossed, I'm going to go with my cousins up this summer to see this musical.  I mean, I'm going to go anyway, but the plan is to coordinate with my cousins to see it with them.

But yeah, if you haven't heard this album... I recommend at least streaming it on youtube... I did that and then after I finished it on there, I decided to buy the album on iTunes.

I've been listening to it on repeat basically.

Here's the same song as above, but the recorded version...


From there you can listen to the other tracks.

My favorites are Waving Through A Window, You Will Be Found, and Disappear.  Although I love the whole entire album, or cast recording, or whatever it's called.

Anyways, yeah... I love this musical and I can't wait to see it on Broadway.

Anyways, go listen at least to the song "Waving Through a Window" because that's my favorite song at the moment...

So if you're out there, tap tap taping on the glass of your phone with your finger... reading this blog...

Just know that I'll be waving back at you through a window, well, digitally at least, through the window of this screen.

Sorry, I guess that's kind of cheesy and cliche isn't it?

A little.  Anyways... Seriously though, just go listen to the Original Broadway Cast Recording for Dear Evan Hansen.  That's your homework.

I'm going to start assigning homework for my blog posts.

Tonight's homework is is to listen to the whole entire musical, but if you're short on time... Just stick with the essentials which are... You Will Be Found, and Waving Through a Window.

And if you have an extra minute... Disappear.

Until the next post.... Later!

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