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HALP! Desk.

Interesting news... Now, this hasn't been made official yet, so keep it on the DL (Down Low)...


Our current halpdesk coordinator is hanging up her spurs and off to greener pastures.  Or maybe not greener, just different.  She's giving up the halpdesking gig at the college to go work at a the-at-er.

What does that mean?  That means... We're going to be looking for a new helper of desking coordinator.

If you know anyone in the Philly area who likes to keep things coordinated... It could be a fun gig!

Here's the thing, it doesn't pay ALL that great.  It's definitely more of an intro gig, or an extro gig, or an in-between gig.  But it's a decent gig to have for a couple of years until the next gig comes.

Here's the ALSO thing... Even though it doesn't pay well, you get free... that's right, you heard me... FREE classes!  Get em while they're hot!  I think it's free, either that or it's SERIOUSLY discounted.  I know when I was taking classes though all I had to pay for was the books.  So, the policy may have changed and maybe they do like free after you work there 6 months or a year, or something to that effect, and before that it's half tuition.  I'm ALMOST positive it's free though because I know I took classes very early on after working there and my tuition was free.

The selection is limited though.  But still, a master's degree for free?  Seriously, that's a bargain in itself.  AND on top of that, you get all the seasonal breaks.

Like, this week, for example... I worked today, I have work tomorrow as well, and Wednesday.  Then I'm off FIVE days.  That's right... FIVE DAYS!

And that's on top of the standard vacay time that you get.

So, I mean, it kind of makes up for the whole non-profit liberal arts college pay grade deal.

Anyways... that's the news of the moment.

Ideally, the job is best suited for someone who likes to boss people around.  And organize tickets and tasks.  And has lots of sass.  And likes to talk on the phone when people call with their issues.

The one downfall of the job?  Sometimes being in the computer lab with stressed out students can be tough.  While you're in your own office and you can pull the door shut... Students will come-a-knocking when the computers start locking up.  Or freezing up.  Or the printing won't work.  Or the internets won't work.

But it's basic stuff... Like you just go out and refill the paper trays on the printer.  You handle time sheet signing and department bills, and you also reach out to vendors to get quotes for things.

Standard office stuff.

If you ask me?  I think it's a great job for someone who just needs a break from their current gig and wants to start taking classes to get a master's degree, or finish a bachelor's degree.

Or I guess if someone just needs a job in general.  I mean you also get health insurance with it... SO, that's always a plus.

Well... Anyways, we're sad to see her go, but she seems to be super happy with the shift in her career choice.

Who takes the reigns next will be anyone's guess!  Word to the wise though, we generally like at least a 2 to 3 year commitment, and like i said, sometimes the computer center can get a little heated, but if you're good at just bossing the students around and telling them to calm their pants down.  You'll do fine, or anyone who has that job will do fine.

I will say that it's a pretty coveted position... In the 11 years I've been at my job, we've only had 3 coordinators and the first one was there long before I ever arrived.  So the next time that job spot will open up is anyone's guess.

Side note though, in addition to taking classes... It's also a pathway to other jobs at the college... Our previous coordinator still works at the college, she just moved up to the graduate department after she finished her master's degree and she's been there ever since.

So, it's kind of a foot in the door type of job.  You start as the helpdesk coordinator and maybe finish a master's degree, then you move to another job after 2 or 3 years, which is probably how long it will take you with evening classes to finish your degree anyway.

There's always a lateral move to another company or college.

Anyways... Think you've got what it takes?  Keep an eye on, it's bound to be posted there sooner or later.  And when I say sooner or later, probably two weeks, since that's when our current coordinator starts her new gig.

HALP!  We need someone... HALP!  Not just anyone... Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh.

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