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Last night I had two dreams...

Dream One: I was having construction done on my house and my cats got out.  So the majority of the dream was chasing the cats around outside trying to get them back in the house.  My cats are indoor only cats... So this is a legit fear.  In the dream were all rounded up and returned back inside.  Oddly enough by the time I got done finding them the construction had been completed.  Talk about service!

I do need some construction done on my house.  I have a bunch of things earmarked.  This is one of the reasons I am staying in more because I know that contractors aren't cheap.  One of the things I need is my brickwork re-done around the garage and the chimney.  I'm going to reach out to a local business that does that and see if I can get an estimate.

Dream Two: I was on a train, and I missed my stop because I had TOO much stuff.  Basically I had too many bags and instead of them all being neatly packed up, all of my stuff had been strewn about, so I was trying to grab the stuff and put it all in the bags.  But then the doors closed and the train kept going.  So, I finished putting all my baggage together and got off at the next stop.

Once I was finished and got off, I walked into a movie scene accidentally.  They had to stop filming and told us that we would have to wait in a specific area until filming had completed.  I got bored and started trying to find an alternate way around the holding area with all my stuff.  I stumbled into a different area that was meant for the actors.  They asked me what scene I was in and I told them that I was just trying to get through... They said they liked my face and wanted me in the movie.  I then was asked to perform a monologue.  I performed the one from acting class.  They liked it and told me that they wanted me in the movie.

Speaking of two... I've found another good "two thing"... It involves my love of coffee and tea.  So, back in the day I was a one drink man.  I used to only drink tea.  Straight no chaser.  Then I started getting into coffee.  Now I drink both every day.

The problem is when you have a tumbler... It's hard to fully clean it and cross over between coffee and tea and back.  The solution?  Two tumblers!

One is for coffee, the other is for tea.  Then you don't get that strange crossover flavor.

Remember when I was talking about mixing coffee and tea?  Yeah, no.  I mean, that dirty chia and godfather thing their okay, but it's just... Their better off as two separate things instead of better off as two.  Sometimes it happens!  Sometimes two things just don't go well together.  And that's okay.  Not everything mixes well.

I mean, trust me, TRUST ME... If you need confirmation that not EVERYTHING mixes well... Your homework for this blog is to go make the following two items in a smoothie...



Then along with those two items, go ahead and put your usual smoothie items in.

Trust me... Tomato and garlic, no matter what way you slice is... Stick it in the fridge for a day and try it the next day.

Go ahead.  Try it.  Then take a selfie of the face you make.

I don't care what anyone says, tomato and garlic belong on pasta, or pizza, or anywhere like that, but they don't belong in a fruit smoothie.

Anyways, so now that I have two containers for my coffee and tea, I also can start drinking my afternoon tea before I've finished my coffee!  This way, I can cross over slowly and in the time that pleases me.  Previously I had to gulp down the rest of my coffee then go wash out the mug and then make tea.  Now I can make the tea like around lunch time and start drinking as soon as it reaches the perfect temp.  That's the other issue, the temp will still be SOOOO hot when you first make the tea.

It's just no good.  It's all about transitioning over from morning coffee, to afternoon tea.  Then when I get home in the evening I can wind down with an herbal tea in an actual mug.  Or if I'm feeling it I can just have a nice craft beer or a glass of wine.

That's my other "two".  Beer and wine don't go together, but they can go well when alternated.  The only thing I WISH that they could make is like, half size wine bottles.  Or single serve wine bottles.  With a craft beer, I can buy the mix your own 6 pack thing at the store and then I can just open one beer and pour it into a pint glass and enjoy the beer.  But with wine, once I open that bottle, even if I do the whole vac-u-vin thing and refrigerate it and all, it's a race against time until the thing turns to vinegar!

Single serving bottles of wine, or at least half bottles, that needs to be a thing!  Also, single salad bags need to be a thing too.  That's another race against time.

Seriously, there's so many single things... I'm going to open up a singles grocery store where we have smaller sizes of things for people who are single.  And hey, who knows, maybe our shoppers might end up meeting each other there and then they can move up to the regular size grocery store!

Hey, that's not a bad idea.  A small grocery store with all single people oriented products.  From serving size, to the type of foods we carry.  It's like a bachelors and bachelorette's R US.  And maybe like once a week or something we do events too, like karaoke, quizzo, or open mics, or some other Friday or Saturday night thing.

Seriously... I'd shop there!

Single serving size wine bottles and salad bags... I'll call it "One for now, two for later".  Or, "Onenowtwolaters".

Welcome to Onenowtwolaters home of the single serving size wine bottles and salad bags.

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