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Dating Site Frustrations

So, every now and then I log back into the dating sites.  Every now and then I start messaging with someone... It goes ok.  But...

It's just... Like it feels as though there's no effort.  They usually respond with one word answers.  Or the take FOREVER to respond.  Or there's just a lack of interest.  I don't know... It's just extremely frustrating.  I don't get how anyone ever ends up actually married.

I try.  I mean, I really give it my all when I'm trying to date someone.  And everyone on the other end... They just don't put any effort in at all.  How am I supposed to develop feelings for someone that approaches dating with complete apathy?

I mean, if the end result is for us to end up married and living with each other... How can we get to that if you don't even try?  If you barely even take the time to respond?  And when you do respond... You respond with half a sentence.  I take my time to describe things.  I take my time to ask questions to move the conversation along...

You (all of the girls on dating sites) don't even try.  You don't initiate a text message...  You just sit and wait for me to ask you stuff.

You give me no detail.  How is your day just "good"?  That's it?  What do you mean by good?  What did you do?  What was something interesting that happened to you?  Are you looking forward to anything?  I mean TRY.  Like TRY even a little!  They don't.  They don't even try at all.

It's just so frustrating.

I just hate dating so much.  I really hate it.  I really don't understand how anyone ever gets married.  I don't get it.  Because it's like... No one cares anymore.  No one puts any sort of effort into it AT ALL.  It's just crap.  And I hate it.

I just feel so defeated like I should just give up and be single for the rest of my life.  I just absolutely hate dating so much.

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