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Why I Hate Taylor Swift

So, I hate Taylor Swift.  Yeah, I'll say it to her face if I ever meet her.  I've never even met her and I hate her.


It's easy.  The girl that I fell in love with... The only girl that I've ever completely and absolutely fell for... Fell for another guy.

When she did fall for him... She posted song lyrics.

Taylor Swift song lyrics.

So now anytime I hear any Taylor Swift song... I think of him.  I think of how much I hate him for having whatever it took that I didn't have to get her to fall for him.

So I hate Taylor Swift.  I will always hate Taylor Swift.

I suppose if I fell in love with someone to a Taylor Swift song too... That could be the only thing to change my mind.  But... I don't see that ever happening.

So... Taylor Swift.  I hate you.  I hate you more than anything in this world, or maybe almost as more than anything in the world.  You're second.  I really hate the guy that got that girl.  So, I hate you almost as much as that guy that got the girl that I fell for.  Or maybe I hate you both equally.

Oh well.  In any case... If I ever meet Taylor... I'd tell it to her face.  I hate you.  And I hate your music.  Every time I hear one of your songs... I feel sick to my stomach.  It's the worst feeling in the world.

Oh good.  They changed the song to a non-Taylor Swift song.  Anything but Taylor Swift is good for me.  Because Taylor Swift music makes me sick to my stomach just like the thought of him.  Just makes me sick to my stomach.

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