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New Café Cap Accessory For My Klean Kanteen

The other day I bought the Café Cap accessory for my Klean Kanteen.  I am considering it a solid purchase.

I've had my Klean Kanteen insulated for a good two to three years now.  I generally use it to sip hot tea, or on occasion, coffee out of.  It's been the best hot beverages mug I've ever had, hands down.  I recommend purchasing one of these if you are on the lookout for a new coffee/tea tumbler for your hot beverages.  While it will also keep beverages cold, I actually prefer to use a Tervis Tumbler.  I'm on the verge of purchasing a new one of those for my iced teas that I've been making in the mornings.  Some other people I've chatted with on the insulated hot beverages container subject said they prefer customizable ones that let you put your own names or logo on it (which I don't think Klean Kanteen does), or ones that they can push a fancy button and sip and then upon letting the button release, they can toss the tumbler in the air and over to a friend without it spilling a drop.  I'm not sure the exact situation playing catch with a coffee tumbler would come in handy, but hey, who am I to question such things?

The biggest problem with my Klean Kanteen through the years I've had it though, has been that you can't sip on the go (yes, I'll admit it would be nice to have some way to keep the liquid where it belongs in the container, opposed to on my shirt for example).  The cap that it comes with is a screw on/off cap with a loop on the top.  So you can't actually sip while you're driving or walking, or wheeling around from one office to another at your workplace in your office chair and pretending it's a race car as someone pushes you from behind in the chair and you both make race car noises (I've only done this once... Twice).

Here's a picture...

Original Cap

Original Cap

So that's the original cap in the photo above.  You can click on the link if the photo doesn't show up for some reason, or you want to know more.  But the deal is that you have to unscrew the entire thing exposing a container of hot coffee or tea.


Enter the Café Cap.  Behold!

Cafe Cap

Cafe Cap

Ok, you aren't impressed.  But TRUST me.  It's fantastic.  Ok I guess it's not THAT fantastic, but I like it a lot.  As the label on the product packaging warns, it's splash proof, but not spill proof.  So if you tip it upside down it will leak.  So those of you that wish to play catch with a hot cup of coffee may want to seek out altnerative solutions.  For anyone simply looking for a way to keep your hot coffee or tea hot and be able to sip at it through the day.  This is for you.

Click on that link for more photos and to see more details about the cap.  The thing I like most about it is that it's easy to clean.  The cap comes apart so that I can use soapy water to really scrub it well.  Another cool thing is that my regular Klean Kanteen is the same size for the cap.  So if I wanted, I can swap them.  Like if I had hot tea then I finished that and I wanted to sip on water.  I could swap the caps and then just sip on water out of my regular Klean Kanteen once I finished sipping out of my Klean Kanteen.  So, there you have it!  Like I said, overall, I'm quite pleased with my purchase.

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