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Cubase 6 has arrived in the mail!

So I got the new version of cubase in the mail!!!  I'm VERY excited to load that onto my Macbook Pro.

The new version has a few cool new features that I'm excited to play around with.  I decided that I'm going to wait to upgrade from Cubase 5 to Cubase 6 until after I've completed my new song.  I'll be uploading the song to my site this Sunday!  I'm very excited for everyone to hear it.  I think it's one of my most favorite songs I've ever written.

Anywho I just wanted to share that i got the new version in my actual hands (even if i haven't loaded it up on my computer yet) and for those of you who also do music recording things that want to check out the features and information on cubase, head over to their website:

Oh and for those of you who may not be interested in music recording software watch the video anyways, it's guaranteed to give you a chuckle. 🙂  I'm almost ashamed to admit that I use this program.  The promo video is the single most cheesiest thing i've ever seen in my life... it had me cracking up the whole time.  Especially every time that dude winks at the camera.  Oh gosh.  It just had me on the floor laughing.  It's almost as funny as that show An Idiot Abroad.

Watch for the cat on his lap....  That's my favorite part... oh and ricky's face on the cell phone... remind me to send a picture like that to one of my friends one time.

and here's another best bits of him in china...

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