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Current iTunes U Course I’m Listening to

Right now i'm listening to an iTunes U course on The American Revolution.  It's actually REALLY interesting!  I mean I wasn't all that sure when I hit the download button if I would like it.  But now i'm actually really, really getting into it!  I'm on class number 8.

The course talks about all the things that lead up to the revolution.  I'm not so sure it really discusses war and actual fighting... it's mostly the little storyline and chain of events of things that went the way they did and how they went to lead into a revolution.

It's seriously extremely interesting to know a lot more detail on how our country actually got it's roots!  I mean it kind of gives a broader perspective.  Especially living in such a historic area such as where I live.

I absolutely love historic things.  I love old buildings and houses and fields and farms and things like that.  I just love all the tales they could tell!  It's like you can feel something alive about it.  I really just do love history and the historic significance of things.

It's fascinating too how things can change and change again and change again and... it's that you know... winds of change thing.  And with the history of this country it's a very windy place!

It's funny, I almost didn't end up even listening to this course because the download for the whole thing was like 11 gigs!  I didn't really have the space on my iPhone since I have a couple other course and things on there.  So what I did was... I took the files and removed the video so it was just audio.  Then I just loaded the MP3's onto my iPhone.  That makes for a much smaller file size.  I used to do that and then I just started loading videos on my phone... but they take up soooooo much space!  I'm going to go back to the removing the audio and just loading that up.  I only ever listen to the audio part and not so much watch the video part since I listen to the course while i'm doing other tasks.

Ok well if anyone is interested in checking out the course or wants more information on it... here is the link:

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