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My Next 2 Songs On The Way

I've got two songs neck and neck to the finish line being worked on.  It's close and I don't know which one I'll finish first.

Here's my dilemma:

The first song is a bouncy little jazzy tune that's all awesome clean fun ness... but I can't seem to focus on working on it.  I try to go back to it and then I work a little bit on it but then quickly exit out of it.  It's super G rated with the lyrics and it's about just all awesome goodness wholesomeness with the family and all that.  It's like something you'd play for your parents or grandparents and they would nod and say it has a catchy beat.

THEN... there's song number 2.  I like this song WAY more.  I can't stop singing it in the car or when I'm showering or running or wherever.  I also can't stop wanting to work on it.  I keep opening it up and working on it more.  So it's getting more and more done and catching up and passing the other song.  The problem is it's not as wholesome awesome goodness.. it's like rocker anthem more PG rated.  Not that it has like profanity in it or  anything like that... it's just not as warm and fuzzy awwwwwwww feeling.  It's more like.... "Oooooooo SNAAAAAAP!  HOMEBOOOOOYEEEEE... THAT'S MY JAM!"  And then it jams.

Since my last two songs that I finished were super squeaky clean wish, and whatever it takes... I feel like doing a not so super squeaky home boy jam song next and THEN doing another squeak squeakums clean one will be ok.

Soooooo I just wanted to prepare everyone... the next song I finish might be more jam out rock anthem like.  And then the one AFTER that will be all about the G's.

Hopefully I'll finish em up soon!  I've just been super busy with my comedy class and getting started with writing my book.  Which by the way I'm starting to dream about scenes and ideas and dialogue.  It's weird.  I wake up and jot stuff down into my little notepad and then fall back asleep.

Lots of works in progress!  I wish I could just put it all up now!  Buuuuuuuut good things come to those who wait.  Sooo just hold on and hang tight!

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