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A beer and a story

So I think I'm going to just keep going out for a beer after work most nights.  It's definitely miss on finding anyone to connect with my age.  I'm not sure where all the 29 year olds are but they aren't out at bars... ha oh well.

But usually there's interesting or funny things that happen.  Tonight I decided to go down the street from work to an irish pub.

I was kinda sitting there reading a bit and listening to the person next to be talk about how she was there one night with her boyfriend and some lady came in in her PJ's because she lived down the street and didn't feel like putting on actual clothing to come to the bar.

As she's telling that story the guy 2 seats down gets up to go to the bathroom and he says to the lady next to him... "can you watch my stuff?"

The bar tender says... you shouldn't be asking that lady to watch your stuff!  She's married... you should ask her to watch your beer... everyone starts laughing.... I and the guy didn't get the joke.  But EVERYONE else did.

So then he looks at me like what?  And I'm like I don't know?

Then the bar tender explains the joke.

He was like... you asked a married lady to watch your stuff!  The bar tender was saying... "stuff" as in... watch him walk to the bathroom and stare at his butt instead of watch his drink.

To me it wasn't very funny and to the guy it wasn't very funny... but everyone was just laughing their butts off.

When he came back from the bathroom he was just like "is it just me or was that joke not all that funny?"  I was like... I'm with you dude.  I don't get it.

then we both started laughing and everyone was looking at us like whats so funny.

All in all it was a fun time.  Personally I thought the story about the lady that came to the bar in her PJ's was way better than the watch my butt (aka stuff) joke.

I think a nice beer after work is the perfect way to unwind and each little hour that it takes to sip on a 2 or 3 dollar beer is always filled with interesting snippets of conversation.

My google searching tonight turned up 5 dollar flights of beer or wine with complimentry flatbread at the Paramour (I think a flight of beer is like a sampler... and I LOVE samplers).  So tomorrow night I'll be going down the street to check that out!  I hope I don't have to get all dressed up fancy... haha that place looks SUPER fancy pantcy!

I like the mix of going to one bar that's all down home peeps one night and then going to a big wig bar the next.  Thursday I'm going to check out D and B in plymouth meeting i think... or maybe do that friday.  I'm not sure yet.

It's fun researching specials and going to a new bar each night!  And there are a lot of them too!  So it looks like I should be able to always have a new and interesting place to head to after work to keep things interesting.  I've given up on meeting anyone my age... I think they all must live on mars or something. haha... oh well.  This is fun too.  So I'll keep doing my after work bar hopping every night after work.

I also think I want to start doing Karaoke again and I want to check out quizzo!

Well I don't know if I'm going to blog about it after every outing... unless there's something super interesting to blog about.  But if something funny happens I'll post it here.

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