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Gypsy Saloon

Tonight after work I went to this little neat fun bar called "Gypsy Saloon".  It 's in West Conshohocken.  Or West Conshy as the locals call it.

I kinda loved it.  A lot.  I was going there to hopefully just maybe chat with people and make new friends or whatever.  Gotta mix things up in life to keep it interesting!  I guess all this just coming straight home thing right after work finally got a little dull.

The good news is I came in under budget last month by a little bit.  Basically on budget with a little savings to spare.  SO I figure a couple nights out a week to have a 2 or 3 dollar beer will be ok for my pocket book and not strain it too much.  I'll see how my next months budget goes.  If I go over then I will cut out the drinks and just come straight home again.  But according to my calculations I should be cool to have a drink after work 1 or 2 nights a week just to relax and unwind.  Maybe like 1 night during the week and then 1 night on a the weekend.  Although I might do 2 nights during the week and then not go out much on the weekend because weekends out tend to be super craziness and I'm not all about that.  I like things pretty low key and chill and such.

Well anywho the bar is located here:,-75.312545&spn=0.010969,0.018346&client=safari&fb=1&gl=us&hq=gypsy+saloon&hnear=0x89c69534f7ba4eaf:0x8480c93c04e95c7c,Radnor+Township,+PA&cid=0,0,17313391944348509463&sqi=2&t=h&z=16

And here's the website:


The area is nice and small town ish.  I feel like parking in front of the building and driving up that i'm almost in an old mining town.  There's actually some serious hills around that little area.  It's almost NOT philly at all.

Well so I drove up and got a little parking spot right in front.  Walking into the place really does look like an old time saloon!  The outside is pretty neat looking.  And then once you are inside it's like you are inside a gypsy house or something of that sort.  The mood lighting is very... mood esk.  haha... I just love it.  It's a super inviting atmosphere.  It's almost like a local down home bar but with a upscale sprinkle to it.  I feel like it's a place that I can just go to have a nice unwinding drink after work and not have to worry about things getting too ruckus.

The music was kept at a low volume and they played cool indie musics and other things you'd hear on the radio.   As well they had out free munchy chex mix snacks bowls that they refilled often so I kept munching away at that since I went right after work and didn't have any dinner yet.

The beer was cheap... Well... I mean not astronomically cheap... 2 dollar miller light, and 3 dollar yuengling.. it's pretty standard.  Then the crafts were 5 bucks.  I just had a yuengling.

When I arrived it was pretty empty... but after a little while a few people sat down on either side.

I caught little bits and pieces of random conversation every time I took a small break from reading...

One side was a group of 3 college or post college looking age kids.  They chatted about their jobs in the city and how it was one of those days where they needed to have that second margarita.

The two guys to the other side were middle aged friends.  I guess the one dude was recently divorced and he was talking about how he got the whole doing laundry part down since the wife moved out but he has 4 or 5 piles of laundry around the house because he doesn't understand the folding or putting away part.  Then he talked about how he was taking his kids to disney world and his ex wife was mad at him for doing that but he said his kids now come first in his life and so he said if she wants to be mad she can be mad...

those were the only snippets of convo I got in between my breaks from my book.  I was just kind of mostly not paying attention and just sipping my beer and munching on the chex mix and reading.

Then I came home and made some frozen pizza since I'd been craving that... and worked away on some things.  I took a break to ride my hampsterwheel/stationary bike.... and then went back to more stuffs.

And here we are.  I'm about to get to sleep.  It was fun going to relax with a beer after work.  I'm going to keep google mapping and see what else is around.  I definitely want places that are like this place.  I'm a fan of the cozy saloon/pub/tavern feel and not the mega super crazy rowdy sports bar.  Definitely going to steer away from any bar that has a steer you can ride.  I've actually only been to one bar that had a ride the mechanical bull in it.  It was crazy.  Just crazy!  I didn't ride.  But some people I know did.

I think instead of trying to find new friends and things I'm just going to go for the atmosphere and bring my nook and enjoy the beer and enjoy the change of pace to my day to break up things and refresh me.

If there are people to chat with great!  If not... that's also cool too!  And I can always build stories in my mind around the little random snippets of conversation I hear from people chattering away.  I definitely think the Gypsy Saloon is going to be a place I go to maybe once a week or once every other week just to hang out and enjoy.

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